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The Stone Man characters È 107 Ä ➮ [Read] ➪ The Stone Man By Luke Smitherd ➺ – Two bit reporter Andy Pointer had always been unsuccessful and antisocial until he got the scoop of his career; the day a man made of stone appeared in the middle of his cityThis is his account of eve Two bit reporter Andy Pointer Two bit reporter Andy Pointer had always been unsuccessful and antisocial until he got the scoop of his career t. This goes into the difficult reading category for me I liked it I hated it A tense read from the start but I think the ambiguity at the end is what bothers me most As a first contact story I guess it accomplished its goal making you wonder what if I suppose leaving it to you to sort it out is also not unusual for the genre I had to laugh at the author's manic ramble at the end Yes this is plagued by a lack of editing so prevalent in free eBooks but the lack of polish goes beyond typos Some of it is simply Brit vs Yank terminology Is kerb actually even a word Will I ever get used to hearing bare ground referred to as the floor or sky as ceiling Do the Brits not use a period after an abbreviated title like Mr or Ms and the like The fact that these things didn't really start to jump out at me until the end is I suppose testament to the fact I must have been pretty well engrossed in the story I also found the way the story suddenly changed POV to be weird The story is all Andy's and then suddenly Paul finds his voice Of course he has to or the book would be even unfinished assuming it really is I'm fresh from the last page and will be digesting it for a while The alternate ending tucked way in the back does nothing to give me closure oddly enough We still don't know WHO or WHY Are those not odd omissions for a journalist's tale Best part for me was the first time the victim started rattling off letters and I knew it was DNA Why was that not a bigger revelation in the story If they were after our DNA and only damaged code there needed to be a obvious purpose beyond just sending and stone men Having it clearly didn't benefit them or alter their mission If course whoever sent them as it was stated repeatedly was working on their own timetable In that sense the story REALLY leaves you hanging for an eternity for closure My only other complaint is how off putting it is to be yanked from a story that isn't done to be subjected to the euivalent of a late night infomercial by a guy who sounds like he's been living on espresso and Red Bull I totally get the horrors of the publishing world and how hard it is to break out as self pub especially when everyone and his gran is doing it too The uantities of free eBooks is staggering these days and the vast majority are crap Keep honing your craft Mr Smitherd uality will get you noticed and IMHO the big publishing houses aren't at all what they used to be I've seen plenty of them leaving authors without a proper editor too It'll be your fan base that matters in the end

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That came afterwards and what that cost him along with the rest of his countryThe destruction the visionsthe dyi. When a mysterious stone behemoth appears in the center of Coventry hack reporter Andy thinks he's on to the scoop of the century Little does he realize that the Stone Man and the sinister purpose for its arrival are inextricably linked to his very survivalThe Stone Man is Luke Smitherd's second novel and its the one you want to read first Well plotted sleekly written and robust it's a great example of solid science fictionAnd I KNOW my science fictionMy father was a sci fi fan growing up; so when I was a kid I had access to a truly exceptional library of dog earred novels by writers the likes of which we won't see again Ray Bradbury Arthur C Clarke Edmund Cooper The biggest compliment that I can give to The Stone Man is that it holds its own amongst the best of 'emAnother reviewer here wrote that it was unlike any sci fi she'd read before but I would argue the exact opposite Good science fiction needs to follow a certain formula and Luke Smitherd managed to do that pitch perfectly There was a mystery The protagonist was swept up in it in a very believable way and as the novel progressed we learned and ; making the entire novel progressively compelling It was old school stuff; and a great example of why that model has always workedSo my 5 star review That's five stars in comparison to REAL books; not just the stuff you'll find self published on Kindle The Stone Man is the sort of book that if I'd splashed ten uid on in an airport or train station bookstore I'd have considered it money well spent In some ways it reminded me in particular of Steven King's From a Buick Eight in that it was ultimately a very human story; with the fantastical elements merely serving ad set pieces to the rich satisfying story driven characterization

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The Stone ManHe day a man made of stone appeared in the middle The Stone PDFEPUBof his cityThis is his account of everything. Modern day War of the WorldsI went into this book blind I didn't even read the synopsis I've heard a few things about Smitherd and thought I'd give him a go The Stone Man seems to be his most popular book so that seemed to be a good place to startI listened to the audiobook edition of this piece Firstly I have to say the narration was spot on It was really easy to listen to and it pulled me in pretty uicklyI'm not the biggest Sci Fi fan so I wasn't sure what to expect from this but I'm happy to say that I loved it In fact it's one of the best books I've read this year and it's pretty much guaranteed that I'll be checking out future works from SmitherdI don't want to say much about the story that's not what I do in my reviews and I think that's what the synopsis is for anyway I'd rather just give you my opinion of the story And that is don't hesitate check it out and I guarantee you won't regret it