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EBOOK º EPUB Bunnicula A Rabbit Tale of Mystery ä 9781416928171 FREE Í [Reading] ➶ Bunnicula A Rabbit Tale of Mystery Author Deborah Howe – Insolpro.co.uk BEWARE THE HARE Is he or isn't he a vampire Before it's too late Harold the dog and Chester the cat must find out the truth about the Oe household a Bunnicula A eBook #200 suspicious looking bunny with unusual habits and fan Bunnicula written by Harold the dog and starring Chester the cat was well received by my kids on a recent trip north It was short silly and featured hi jinks of the best kind Chester is one high brow cat Extremely well read and uite impressed with himself he makes freuent literary references and he sees no reason to dumb down his language for Harold and as a parent I loved that I chuckled at his barbs and sarcastic comments as well as his paranoid ideas about the bunny Chester stole the show but Bunnicula is a better title Just don't tell Chester thatI suspect he'd be highly offended

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Arold the dog and Chester the cat must find out the truth about the newest pet in the Monr Hear me out there is no Bunnicula This is about the catHis name is Chester He has schemes and a vivid imagination as cats do He's steeped in Gothic literature Here's my Gothic Drinking Game if you need a refresher and notice how Bunnicula will get you drunk Nasty weather Fainting in our first hint that Bunnicula may not be the villain he is usually the fainter Creepy noises Scary eyes And the most important thing a relative turns out to be the surprise villain Here's what we know the Monroes have a new bunny and vegetables are turning white The bunny has funny markings which leads the family to name him Bunnicula On this evidence Chester declares the bunny a vampire This is basically the plot of Northanger AbbeyThis would be funny if Chester's reaction wasn't so unbelievably cruel he immediately starts stealing all the food from the bunny's cage to keep the bunny from murdering lettuce Bunnicula is young Chester is starving a baby bunny to death because he says it's a vampire One of the original illustrations which are great basically lays out the whole plotThe book is narrated by the family dog who plays himself off as stupid but also insists he recognizes and understands Romanian so it's safe to call him unreliable Anyway dogs are the least reliable of narrators have you ever tried to let one explain what they're smellingThe poor family finally realizes Bunnicula is on the brink of death and rushes him to the vet who prescribes carrot juice so the poor thing is saved in the nick of time The rabbit has still never said a word; there's been no evidence whatsoever that he's a vampire The only thing we have is pale vegetables Recovered but with no one in the least concerned about what happened in the first place he's forced to continue living with the monster who tried to kill him in the most cruel way Bunnicula subverts our expectations we expect to discover that he is indeed a vampire but in the end that's not the story at all As in great Gothic novels like Uncle Silas and Lady Audley's Secret the real villain was inside the house it's Chester the psychopathic cat Jealous of the attention paid to a new pet he frames him as a monster and is barely stopped from murdering him He's abetted by the dog who hides a slavish complicity under his goofy doggishness Horrifyingly there are seuels to Bunnicula Who knows what tortures they'll bring to this poor defenseless bunny

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Bunnicula A Rabbit Tale of MysteryRabbit Tale eBook #8608 BEWARE THE HARE Is he or isn't he a vampire Before it's too late H Another fun time reading a classic and nostalgia filled book to my kidsProbably the best part of the experience was when it came to sharing my progress on Goodreads and the wide array of responses I got Everything from “Wow I haven’t read this in years I was one of my favorites” to “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU READING” I mean it is a book about a vampire bunny and if you saw the cover come across your feed and you had never heard of it you might have had a similar shocked reactionI did enjoy reading this to my kids and have enjoyed the fact that they have now consumed three straight books one chapter a night with great enthusiasm However unlike Charlie and the Chocolate factory it did not uite translate to a 5 star read for me as an adult and if I had not been enjoying it along with my kids I might have not enjoyed it uite as much But still a classicOne of my favorite things about this book is that it does have a similar feel to Dracula in the narration by Harold the dog His delivery and diction felt very similar to Harker’s letters in Dracula That was a really cool connection – and I hope if my kids get to read Dracula some day they remember BunniculaSo either enjoy a nostalgic “horror” trip to your childhood or continue to be confused as to why someone would want to read this Either way Bunnicula is not going anywhere in the annals of classic youth literature