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REVIEW ☆ Justine ou Les Malheurs de la vertu ´ ❰Read❯ ➳ Justine ou Les Malheurs de la vertu Author Marquis de Sade – Franču rakstnieka marķīza de Sada idejas par mīlestību un seksu šokēja tā laika sabiedrību Autora darbi vēl līdz pat mūsu dienām vairāk zināmi kā viņa ideju manAnifestācija kas nepretendē uz plašu lasītāju masu interesi un var tikt novērtēti piedauzīg. Popsugar Challenge 2020 A book featuring one of the seven deadly sins Oh Justine Up until i read this I would have said Tess of the D'Urberville's was the unluckiest woman in classic literature but I take it all back JUSTINEI have a fascination with Maruis De Sade one of the first documented Libertines and one of the earliest writers of BDSM and same sex relations 17th century French literature is extraordinary  Triggers warnings all over this this is not a typical classic novel where disturbing scenes are alluded too this contains on the page graphic gang bangs and rape  Modern day dark genre fiction pales beside De Sade which should not be a surprise since the word sadism was derived from his name For those interested in trying this out the first volume is on Spotify narrated by Susan Penhaligon which just her voice alone is extremely enjoyable Justine I shall see you again this is one book I would reread

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A tā laika sabiedrību Autora darbi vēl līdz pat mūsu dienām vairāk zināmi kā viņa ideju m. When I was a grad student in Comparative Literature all the cool kids read the Maruis de Sade Just add philosophical musings to the sexcapades and basically you have porn for intellectuals

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Justine ou Les Malheurs de la vertuFranču rakstnieka marķīza Les Malheurs MOBI #244 de Sada idejas par mīlestību un seksu šokēj. This Justine she had like the all time worst luck even worse than this girl Tiffany that I know who broke her leg on the first day of a three week ski holiday it sounds so sad unless you know her in which case it practically proves there's a God right there But anyway I was reading this book at breakfast and that was a good laugh in itself cause people thought it must be a highly educational book because it was written before the Ark and I'm not saying they were wrong neither because some of it was very educational if you know whatb I mean but I got to one bit and I blurted cocopops all down my nose it was hilarious and so so gross So you know don't read Justine at breakfast So this must be like French Psycho you know like American Psycho only its really old ass so it's French Old Ass Psycho lol You know we have a lot of fast food shops in towns these days like KFC and those well in the before the Ark France they must have had instead of fast french food a whole lot of whip shops ROTFLMWO yeah roll on the floor laughing my whip off It was just sick So I guess we don't need books like this any because we have modern videos like Tumbling Doll of Flesh or The Human centipede which rocks you must see that and also many computer games like Remains of the Bitches and so you don't have to drag your eyes through all these words it's the same Oh yeah I got to tell you one person who saw me reading this and I wont say who asked me why I was reading about the singer and I said who and they said Sade you know she's pretty famous So I just said oh I'm a big fan got all her stuff Those are the kind of people I have to live with just so you know But yeah Justine man I was just howling Stuff coming down my nose and everything