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Her Banished Lord review ¶ 104 Ý [KINDLE] ✾ Her Banished Lord By Carol Townend – Insolpro.co.uk Claimed By The Norman CountHugh Duclair Count de Freyncourt has been accused of sedition stripped of his title and banished from all of King William's land Proud and determined Hugh vows to clear his Claimed By The Norman CountHugh Duclair CoM's land Proud and determined Hugh vows to clear his nameChildhood friend Lady Aude de Crèvecoeur offers her help but how far will she go Should. HER BANISHED LORD by Carol Townend is a historical Medieval romance set in 1066 Normandy and England It is well written with depthdetailstwists turns fast paced and a keeper It has trust romance sweet sensuality deception conflict desire Normans Saxons truth justice and is heartwarming The characters are enchanting determined desire justice and seeks justice The hero Hugh is handsome a count stripped of his titlelands and banished from King William's land he is prouddetermined to find the truth and clear his name The heroine Lady Aude is beautiful determined willing to help Hugh her brother is Hugh's best friend and is trying to help him When Aude goes to England to declare her land given to her by an old betrothed she runs into Hugh again She decides to help him They declare themselves married when Aude's brother and Hugh's best friend find them together in bed actually nothing is going on This is a fast paced heartwarming story of love and justice It includes a Wessex wedding where you only have to declare yourselves married in front of friends to be married in the eyes of the law This is during turbulent times and does call for passionate measures For Aude has loved Hugh for years Their attraction only grows as does the desire to find the truth and bring it before King William before it is to late I would highly recommend this wonderful delightful Medieval historical romance set during turbulent timesThis book was received for the purpose of review from Good Reads and details can be found at Harleuin Historical and My Book Addiction and More

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She risk her reputation and her life or save her reputation and become Hugh's wife Turbulent Her Banished PDFEPUBtimes call for passionate measure. Everything about this book was such a great read I absolutely loved Hugh and Aude I loved their history the way this story played out their relationship development and how he kept trying to protect her by staying away and yet how he had to keep coming back to her I also very much enjoyed Aude herself the way she wanted her own life away from her brother and his expectations Overall this was an awesome read I wanted to finish it in one setting but couldn't

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Her Banished LordClaimed By The Norman CountHugh Duclair Count de Freyncourt has been accused of sedition stripped of his title and banished from all of King Willia. I should have known before starting this that I may not like itThis book is not for people who aren't much into romanceAnd this book is definitely women targetedThe story revolves around Aude and hugh with their fancy titles taking place long long ago wherein Hugh has been cheated and has been banished from England by the king for forgery which he may or may not have done Aude suddenly falls for him seeing him bare chested one day oh somebody kill me but she cannot approach him her almost kinda childhood friendbecause recognising him will tarnish her family's name and everything And thus our story continues with all trial and tribulations till they meet again if they everFMLDon't ask me about this againRomance lovers moms who need some go to romance go for itotherwise stay the hell out