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Gone AUTHOR Michael Grant doc Ú 560 pages Download  Michael Grant Ñ ❮PDF❯ ⚣ Gone ✈ Author Michael Grant – Insolpro.co.uk In the blink of an eye everyone disappears Gone Except for the youngThere are teens but not one single adult Just as suddenly there are no phonHappenedHunger threatens Bullies rule A sinister creature lurks Animals are mutating And the teens themselves are changing developing new talents unimaginable dangerous deadly powers that grow stronger by the day It's a ter I hereby predict that sometime in the next year or so the next big Young Adult obsession will be with the book Gone by Michael Grant and with the subseuent books that I hope he writes uickly because I might die if I don't know the what and the why and the how and thewell EVERYTHING This is apparently the first in a series of six books I also predict that it will take off like the Harry Potter and the Twilight Series with almost as many adults reading the series as kidsFor one thing this book is creative genius I can take a guess at some of Grant's inspirations but I truly hope that my doing so doesn't take away from Grant's originality because to me this book felt 100% new and Grant is brilliant to have woven his ideas together in such a phenomenal way The story is this everyone over the age of 15 disappears one day all in the same instant After the initial panic a power struggle ensues a la Lord of the Flies But that's not all it turns out that some of the kids have developed certainlet's say uniueskills a la Heroes which help and harm in their strange adultless environment The story surprises despite having some familiarity and I simply couldn't put it down I even once tucked it under my shirt and snuck it into the ladies' room at work with me so I could continue reading Oh and there's even some teen love in there too and who doesn't love young love? No one I tell youI admit the cover art and the summary on the book jacket are a little hokey I can overlook the summary after all I thought the summaries for the Twilight series sounded ridiculous as well so I think my distaste has to do with my being in my thirties than anything else That very well may be the same for the cover art too but I do think it will hinder the book's allure for adult readers If you guys over at Harper Collins are reading this you might want to consider ditching the random people on the book jacket and instead design it as it looks without the jacket on it matte black with shiny blue title in large letters on the front But that's just my two centsWhen it comes down to it though the book jacket art is pretty irrelevant With or without it this book kicks some serious ass And you don't have to be a young adult to think so

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Rifying new world Sides are being chosen a fight is shaping up Townies against rich kids Bullies against the weak Powerful against powerless And time is running out On your 15th birthday you disappear just like everyone els 1 Gone ★★★★2 Hunger ★★★3 Lies ★★5 Even though Michael Grant may be an asshole I'm still impressed by his books Can't wait to keep reading and finally find out how this series ends

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Gone AUTHOR Michael GraIn the blink of an eye everyone disappears Gone Except for the youngThere are teens but not one single adult Just as suddenly there are no phones no internet no television No way to get help And no way to figure out what's I suppose I should provide some kind of explanation as to why I didn't finish reading this bookIt's not because the concept was stupid actually the concept was uite interesting and would make for a fantastic philosophical discussionIt's not because it was poorly written actually it was written uite well with a great plot and interesting world building and action packed scenesIt's not because the characters were horrible or annoying Actually Sam is really likable if not frustrating Astrid is such a relief as a female protagonist and the secondary characters are realistic and well fleshed outIn the end I would actually recommend this book to people especially fans of sci fi and particularly middle school children It's like a modern sci fi version of Lord of the Flies only cooler and there's no PiggyNo the reason I couldn't keep reading it was because I wasn't enjoying it The reason I wasn't enjoying it was rather stupid but since everyone over the age of 15 is gone I was kind of frustrated because there was only one girl and boy actually taking care of a small number of babies The rest were just being abandoned in their carshouses or whatever and I couldn't get absorbed in the storytelling while I was mentally yelling at the kids to go rescue the babiesStupid I know Pathetic? Yeah I'm WELL aware of it but that's just the way it isAlso because I'm kind of an authoritarianleader type person I was thinking of everything they SHOULD be doing and how they SHOULD be organizing and kind of frustrated that Sam was being so wimpy about taking charge But he's fourteen I know he deserves slack but yeahSO go read it please My inability to finish this book had nothing to do with the writing and was all about me being irrational and crazy