February HouseThe Story of W H Auden Carson McCullers Jane and Paul Bowles Benjamin Britten and Gypsy Rose Lee Under One Roof in Brooklyn Free download ✓ 109

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February HouseThe Story of W H Auden Carson McCullers Jane and Paul Bowles Benjamin Britten and Gypsy Rose Lee Under One Roof in Brooklyn Free download ✓ 109 ¼ ❂ [EPUB] ✺ February HouseThe Story of W H AudenFebruary House b. For most of my life my favorite period of history has been the 35 or 40 years just prior to my own arrival Whether tales of the Algonuin Round Table Barbara Tuchman's The Proud Tower and The Guns of August Schlesinger's history of FDR's presidency or fiction set in the period I'm always drawn to it So when recently mentioned February House I was pleased to find it at my local library I had a hard time putting it downThe book is the true story of one year in the lives of a group of writers musicians and artists who either lived at or visited freuently a house in Brooklyn Heights The year is 1940 1941 The residents and their friends include such well known names as Carson McCullers W H Auden Benjamin Britten Peter Pears Gypsy Rose Lee Klaus and Erika Mann son and daughter of Thomas Mann Paul Bowles and his wife Jane Salvador Dali author Christopher Isherwood George Davis whose idea it was to rent the house and make it a sort of artistic commune is less well known now but was fiction editor at Harper's Bazaar when that meant publishing serious and even avant garde fiction and later married Lotte Lenya the widow of Kurt Weill and was instrumental in keeping Weill's music before the publicFebruary House is much than a book full of famous names and entertaining stories It examines the tensions of the period when America was not yet in the war; when the American artistic and intellectual community was welcoming and assisting European colleagues to safety in the US while simultaneously feeling competitive with them Auden Britten Pears and Isherwood as Britons who had come to the US before the war suffered both inner conflict and outward criticism for being away from their native land in its time of crisis Many of the group were homosexual or bisexual with all the problems that entailed at a time when one could be arrested for acting on that orientation But most importantly there was the creative impulse that unified them and sometimes divided them How does an artist of any kind find or create the optimum conditions for doing his work What should that work be in a time of international crisis And as one might expect in a group of twenty and thirty somethings where and how does one find love A great deal of energy was expended on love reuited or unreuited romantic Platonic or triangulatedFebruary House is a fascinating book almost guaranteed to make the reader want to dig deeper into the works of the writers musicians and artists it describes and also evoking an exciting and terrifying time in our history as well as a vanished literally the house was torn down in 1945 for an expressway part of New York Highly recommended

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Y Sherill Tippin. i stole wishes from this book i will live in a house in brooklyn with as many crazy creative people as possible and we will create until the world explodes from our over brilliance and i will enjoy every second for it's bound not to last for long i also found new favourite authors auden mccullers in it

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February HouseThe Story of W H Auden Carson McCullers Jane and Paul Bowles Benjamin Britten and Gypsy Rose Lee Under One Roof in BrooklynSHardcover Editi. In 1940 Harper's Bazaar fiction editor George Davis finally pushed his frivolous gay luck and lost his job He needed a new place to live George saw what would become that place in a dream a recurring dream of a house enveloped in what looked like Brooklyn Heights Finally he went off in search of it beginning with the general area until there it was as foretold the house itself a house that very uickly became a place that anyone who was anyone wanted to at least visit or party at if not live in A sort of precursor to Auntie Mame's penthouse while being a bit like a Chinese opium den without the opium but with similar stimulantsThe idea for the house that George had early on was a sound and practical one to gather together a small group of like minded artists who could inspire each other as they shared expenses Ultimately this worked surprisingly well for awhile Thus with this book we get what starts out as an almost heartwarming tale of admirable camaraderie as Davis is joined by WH Auden who eventually became housemaster closer to 'Mother' Carson McCullers Benjamin Britten and his partner Peter Pears and for added spice Gypsy Rose Lee all ready to cohabitate for the sake of friendship art literature and economy This bohemian ideal soon enough turns to being much bohemian than ideal as the best of intentions give considerable way to wild abandon Sherill Tippins' wonderfully affectionate book detailing this 'experiment' simply overflows with names of the famous ie Christopher Isherwood Einstein Kirstein way too many to mention and infamous ie Salvador Dali who wafted in and out of the lives of the home's core group It all reads like one long party after another with the effervescence mixed by turns with serious writing or composing eventually helping all involved forget or ignore reality when the US is pressured into entering WWII Tippins gives just enough focus on the war to highlight its effect on those whether Americans Brits or refugees residing in or passing through February House It's no surprise that this experiment had a shelf life with an expiration date invisibly set from the get go It's not like a group this talented could or should stay together forever It seems the bond was kept until its purpose was than served Once the initial group's members began to disband individually others continued to move in But the inceptive spark was gone What came to George in a dream was only for a relatively fixed few In telling the house's tale Tippins reveals limitless compassion as well as an artfulness in the way she blends like the insides of a lava lamp the artistic accomplishments achieved in an overlap of uniue bursts of energy Tippins clearly loves the people she wrote about enough to want to present each of them without prejudice but warts and all As a result the book Tippins gives us is heartfelt engaging and breezy It's also of course because of its subjects occasionally agonizing while being nevertheless deeply human