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Noble V by Hideyuki Kikuchi review ✓ 0 ì ➶ Noble V Free ➬ Author Hideyuki Kikuchi – Greylancer a Noble vampire from the world of the Vampire Hunter D series pushes his own immortality to the limit in a millennia long battle against the Outer Space Beings It is the year 7001 by Noble Greylancer a Noble VYearby Noble reckoning and the vampire rulers of the world have grown complacent When the Outer Space Beings invade the Noble warrior Greylancer must pit his skills and magic again. ⚰️ I tried but this was terrible⚰️ The plot starts off as one thing completely deviates onto something that isn’t remotely related to the initial premise⚰️ Political climate is messy depicted in chaotic ways⚰️ Aside from Greylancer the rest of the characters are mediocre filler or simply uninteresting⚰️ Prose can be uite awkward horribly slow when subject matter relating to conspiracies arise rather boring when there’s no action going on ⚰️ The scenes occasionally not too often jump around without context⚰️ Greylancer is ridiculously over powered over the top but it’s the one thing I enjoyed⚰️ Greylancer is also very flawed and hard to empathise with; great anti hero ⚰️ The violence is graphic and unforgiving in its brutality; the second thing I enjoyed⚰️ The vampires aren’t fetishised but shown for the monsters that they truly are; their belief that humans are nothing but fodder was wonderful⚰️Overall greatly disappointed with this book particularly so because I love the Vampire Hunter D franchise⚰️ I don’t recommend this book to anyone who’s unfamiliar with the franchise as it will be immensely confusing to you You pretty much have to be well versed with the universe to comprehend what’s going on ⚰️ 25 lances outta 5

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Greylancer a Noble vampire from the world of the Vampire Hunter D series pushes his own immortality to the limit in a millennia long battle against the Outer Space Beings It is the. The author creates a world in which vampires are the dominant species of a distant planet that is invaded by an alien race The aliens are determined to take this resourceful planet and make it their own In the mean time the vampire race is hell bent on preventing the invaders from conuering their planet while at the same time keeping their food source in line This book does not go into much detail about the relationships between vampires and humans It mostly focuses on the war that is taking place on the planet Vampires are considered an elite race that are overlords to a trembling human population One character rises to the occasion and makes it his life purpose to destroy the alien intruders His name is Greylancer only son of the original vampire that has not been seen in 5000 He is a being that is cold to touch and cold in heart This book focuses mostly on the war efforts of the vampires and alien race It has very little human interaction and if it does the humans are treated poorly It is almost impossible to like the main character due to his coldness and distant attitude However the author did provide some history into why the main character is the way he is I have to say that this book was a little confusing after about the third chapter I understand that their are other stories that exist with this character and I have not had an opportunity to read them I think this book would be good for someone who is well versed in the history of this world and can appreciate what the author is saying The book is well written full of action and is fast paced It does not disappoint there at all but if you are not familiar with the story there is really no point in picking it up I understand that there are some loyal fans out there and my hat is off to you I would love to learn about this character and his world My true score would be a 35 but I cannot do that so I have to put 3

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Noble V by Hideyuki KikucSt the technology of the OSBs uash an anti Noble rebellion and when he is critically injured turn to mere humans for help The Three Thousand Year War of Vampire Hunter D begins here. Fantastic book from a fantastic author Noble V Greylancer is a refreshing look into the world of Hideyuki Kikuchi's series 'Vampire Hunter D' from the eyes of one of the nobles themselves It's nice to read a vampire novel without these dark monsters being overly romanticised as in with other recent books that shall not be named It's enjoyable to read about a vampire for whom he really is