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Rich and Mad Book ´ 384 pages Í William nicholson Í ❴Ebook❵ ➦ Rich and Mad Author William Nicholson – Maddy is a sixteen year old who likesa boy in her theater club Joe is cute and popular and incrediblysending signals that he likes her backOr does he? Isn’t Joe going out witPay attention to him But Gracedoesn’t appreciate that tactic  The problem is in life’s messymixed signals of friends and liesand sex and status true love canbe hard to find And the real thingdoesn’t always come in the most obviouspackage either Is it possible that the person When I came across Rich and Mad on goodreads the first thing I noticed was the steamy cover I loved how the couple was inside a phone booth it made me think of England somewhere I always wanted to go After reading the attention grabbing summary I marked the release date on my calendar Unfortunately Rich and Mad didn't live up to my high expectationsI read the book in about a day because I was really interested in finding out what happened with the two main characters' love lives Both Rich and Maddy are pretty unlucky with love and are determined to find the one during this school year Maddy sets her heart on the popular Joe and Rich has his eye on Maddy's sophisticated friend GraceOne of the parts I liked about the book was that both the main characters were falling for the wrong people I enjoyed uncovering the truth that was hidden among the lies that part really reminded me of high school Even though that part of the story was realistic I had trouble relating the other parts of the book to real lifeI understand that in today's society there are a lot of unhealthy relationships between teens and that friends often cut each other down but I felt almost all the friendships in Rich and Mad were negative ones Now I'm not saying that I don't cuss because honestly I have uite the fowl mouth but I never call my friends cruel names In this book I felt like one of the characters was having serious issues but it was uickly over looked The person clearly needed help and friends by her side she didn't need to be bullied by the people she lovedUnfortunately I felt that the romantic relationships in the book were rushed and not genuine It seemed like the characters wanted so badly to be in love that they rushed into all their decisions To them it was important to be able to say they were in love and have had sex than it was to actually love their partnerFor me the ending was extremely uncomfortable and felt forced The whole time I kept thinking okay you guys really should stop you're not ready I felt like I was watching two people making a big mistake because they are making their decisions solely on what they thought everyone else their age was doingAwesome uoteMaybe we're all like that thought Rich Maybe we all find when we speak that the words don't match out ideas We talk to each other but never know each otherLoneliness is the default modeCharacters 25Creativity 35Voice 25Plot 15Impact 25Overall 25Rich and Mad was a uick read that highlighted a lot of the problems with teen relationships Even though I found the characters a little winy and too impulsive I recommend this book if your looking for a uniue some what love story between two people who want nothing than to be loved

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Maddy is a sixteen year old who likesa boy in her theater club Joe is cute and popular and incrediblysending signals that he likes her backOr does he? Isn’t Joe going out with Gemma? Rich has a crush on Grace and he even sends a letterof recommendation from the pope to gether to Wanted to love this so badly but I just couldn'tI don't like any of the characters the writing is very dialog driven so I couldn't connect with the characters even if I did like them and this is totally not YA material She wants to please me She gives me her body to please me She strokes my cck to please me For this I give her my love now and for ever All for you my Maddy My darling MaddyThere's scenes like this not overly so but you get the point Plus it's crude and vulgar and has some seriously warped issues This book is suppose to be about wanting to be in love and the first experiences that come with it but it just felt like a book about sexI don't mind sex in books at all I was just expecting fluff and stuff but I do think this book would be better suited for an older teen or adultTo THINK I almost gave this book to my niece at random cringesNot good IMO

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Rich and MadYou never thought of that way is the onewho will ultimately touch yourheart? This compelling exploration of feelingsexpectations and attraction offers acontemporary and candid look at loveand sexuality while moving readers withits gentle portrayal of a very special firstrelationshi My Thoughts I had really high hopes for this one And yes I did enjoy it But it didn't get 5 cupcakes from me as I hoped it would It has an interesting feel to it We meet Rich and Maddy and of course they aren't interested in each other but people who they believe are unattainable They've noticed each other throughout the years but just as friends would Rich likes the popular girl who is kind of friends with Maddy and Maddy likes the guy who doesn't even really know she exists Plus he already has a girlfriend he's crazy about Maddy agrees to try to help Rich out but that doesn't go so well either There were so many twists and turns I did not see coming People messing with one another's heads Most of the time I didn't know what was going to happen The friendship that blossomed between Maddy and Rich was nice though I liked the ending of the story than the beginning Rich and Maddy were interesting characters to read about and the problems they were facing and how they helped face those problems together It also goes into great detail about love sex and issues that not every person will want to read about even though I didn't mindOverall I liked Rich and Maddy but didn't love it I just went into this book hoping it would reach beyond the 5 cupcakes but I left feeling a little less great than I hoped I would Its still an amazing book it just takes a lot to lead up to the parts I enjoyed the mostCover Love the cover I think this is one of my favorite things about the book You can't see their faces really but it looks really cute The way he's holding her chin