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READ & DOWNLOAD Û E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ý Jeanne C. Stein R her but they're about to learn that to a bounty hunter with an unnatural thirst for blood even the deadliest human predators are easy pre. Aha I knew there were other supernaturals Sometimes I think the author is focusing on the plot so much that Anna seems like some kind of an idiot because she doesn't realize there's so much to being a vampire and doesn't ask uestions about other supes Then whoops someone lands in her lap and she's shocked Maybe I'm too used to reading so many other books in this genre that I would immediately uestion about everything than Anna does Maybe she's just way stubborn I don't know The story once again is about a case specifically finding a missing teen who may be her niece More things happen in this book on the personal front You actually get to see a little of Max and Anna comes to terms with what she wants in their relationship Anna discovers that not only are there other supes weres empaths etcbut they seem to be organized However she doesn't have time to find out much since she is on a time limit to catch the predators she's hunting There was a little mention of the Watchers in The Becoming but of course Avery is the one who mentioned it so you never knew if it was a lie or not or how anything was run in the supernatural world Apparently Anna knows nothing about the secret society or where she will fit in She hasn't bothered to do anything even talk to Chief Williams and instead has tried to live her life like she is still human except when she goes to get blood in Beso de la Muerta This book ends with the cryptic thought that Anna will now start training Finally How is it that we have gone through 2 whole books without this happening Other than that point of frustration I like the series very much

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REVIEW Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2 ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub º [Reading] ➿ Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2 By Jeanne C. Stein – Anna Strong was a tough as nails bounty hunter until the night she was attacked and changed forever Now a vampire Anna discovers that her lo Anna Strong was a tough as nails Anna Strong ePUB #8608 bounty hunter until the night she was attacked and changed forever Now a vampire An. I love Anna Strong This character is awesome She's tough brass funny and even though she's a vampire she's still has a lot of her humanity intact She makes a lot of mistakes as she's learning the ropes of her new life but that is what makes this story so interesting I'm very interested to see how she will deal with the humans in her life and how she will eventually have to either explain to them what has happened to her or if she will leave their lives completely The introduction of Frey a shape shifter notched up the love aspect a couple of levels You can easily read one of these books in a day or two They're smartly written and I'm sure you will become very fond of Anna Now I'm ready to read book 3

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Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2Na discovers that her long dead brother may have had a daughter and the girl's in serious trouble There are some very dangerous people afte. You know you don’t really realize you’ve been reading lackluster books until you come across some that are REALLY good I mean from the characters their development and interactions with each other the overall plot and pace of the story everything in these Anna strong vampire novels just work In blood drive we find Anna still adjusting to life as a vampire having only been one for six months at the start of the novel she has yet to reconcile whatever issues have arisen from her killing her former mentor and lover Avery but she has made a new friend Culebra who seems to have her best interest at heart even though he refuses to tell her what he isThis book focuses on Anna finding out that she may have a teenage niece who is caught up in everything from murder involvement in kiddie porn and an elaborate coverup facilitated by the FBI Once this book hits it’s stride and it does so very uickly all bets are off and anything can happen things went down in this book that had me dumbfounded it is completely unpredictable and utterly entertaining I can’t believe i’m only just finding out about this series because boy have I been missing out A new character Daniel Frey is introduced in this book and he helps answer a few of Anna’s and my uestions like what her friend Culebra is and why he can so easily read her thoughts and intentions Frey a teacher at the school Anna’s “niece” attends and is someway involved in everything that is happening oh yea he’s also a shapeshifter Jeanne has a knack for taking you through a story without letting on if you can ever really and truly trust anyone but Anna in her books surprisingly though I don’t find that to be the least bit frustrating it makes the story interesting and the twists and turns that much shocking when they happen I didn’t know if I could trust Frey completely until the very last chapter of the bookThere isn’t really anything that I disliked about this book the only thing I can think of is Anna still doesn’t know what she is completely Chief Williams who is also a vampire suggested that she is than just your run of the mill vampire in the first novel and we also don’t find out why Williams was so adamant about getting Anna out of town in the previous book either but i guess Anna’s evasiveness is to blame than a plot hole so I’ll give it a pass this timeCan’t wait to read the next book