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Shadowfever Ebook Ô 608 pages Å Karen marie moning Å ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Shadowfever By Karen Marie Moning ➯ – “Evil is a completely different creature Mac Evil is bad that believes it’s good” — MacKayla Lane was just a child when she and her sister Alina were given up for adopEsWho can she turn to? Who can she trust? Who is the woman haunting her dreams? More important who is Mac herself and what is the destiny she glimpses in the black and crimson designs of an ancient tarot card?From the luxury of the Lord Master’s penthouse to the sordid depths of an Unseelie nightclub from the erotic bed of her lover to the terrifying bed of the Unseelie King Mac’s journey will force her to face the truth of her exile and to make a choice that will either save the world or destroy This is of an opinion of the Fever series as a whole but most of my thoughts evolved after reading ShadowfeverOne of the biggest series to hit the Paranormal Romance and I guess the Urban Fantasy genre is Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series I’ve enjoyed Karen’s book in the past since they were straight up romance with larger than life heroes Lusty Scots who reminded me of Jamie from the Outlander series Och and the heroines who think they’re lacking in redeeming ualities but are adored and thought to be perfect by these lusty gimme an Och burly heroes that any women would tear off their kilts to get a taste of what they don’t wear underneath themWhen I heard Karen was going to start a new series that wasn’t a romance but along the lines of a paranormal mystery about a young woman who goes in search of her sister’s killer I wasn’t interested in reading When Darkfever came out I didn’t pay much mind But then as books were published and the ultimate cliffhanger with Faefever and the electric Chapter 4 in Dreamfever including the elusive mysterious and cocky character of Barrons that’s when I started to change my mind When so many are so far gone over a series of books and the word “crack” is used I think of JR Ward’s BDB series which is my crack So two weeks before Shadowfever was published I started reading the first four books so by the time Shadowfever came out I’d be caught up on everythingI’m warning all the Fever and Barrons fans that this post isn’t going to praise these books So if you are a hardcore lover of these books you may want to stop reading here and move onto another blog that has big accolades of the Fever series I’m in the minority because on a whole the Fever series was a big disappointment for mewaits as Bieber Fever girls oops I mean Barrons Fever girls leave to sigh over le DoucheYes that’s right my nickname for Jericho Barrons is le Douche When did I come to the conclusion that Barrons is a douche? Pretty much by the second book But before I go on with my rant about Barrons le Douche let’s start at the beginning with MacKayla Lane MacKayla who everyone calls Mac lives in Ashford Georgia with her parents The twenty two year old spends her days bartending tanning hanging out with friends and is a proud girly girl who has a pink fetish loves doing her hair and nails and has no ualms that she’s beautiful Her older sister Alina is in Dublin Ireland studying at Trinity College Mac’s entire world is about to go to hell in a hand basket one hot summer day when she finds out Alina has been killed No one knows why Alina was murdered and the authorities in Dublin pretty much close the case even before they can start to investigate Mac refuses to let this be especially since Alina left a frightened message on her cell phone a few hours before she was killed Mac takes it upon herself to go over to Dublin and get answers She owes it to Alina and herself to find out what happenedMac goes to Dublin without any real plan The police can’t or won’t answers her uestions and Alina’s teachers and fellow students have no clue about her whereabouts or who she hung out with because she began to cut class and became secretive Alina had a lover named Darroc who has the power of the persuasive voice behind him Mac believes Darroc A character who has appeared in Moning's Highlander series knows what may have happened to Alina or he kiled her but doesn’t want to be found Mac is basically backed into a corner and it looks like Alina’s murder will never get solved But then Mac starts seeing things that are not normal Very freaky OMGWTFBB thingsCutting to the chase here Mac has the ability to see the Fae because she’s a sidhe seer from an ancient Celtic blood line who can see the Fae The Fae uses illusions and there are different types a cast system or sorts from the Seelie to the Unseelie and a whole bunch that would take an entire semester of history class to understand The wall between Man and Faery is coming down and Mac will be the one to stop it as she continues to find her sister’s killer and hunt a book called the Sinsar Dubh a Fae relic that can possess humans Mac meets Jericho Barrons who runs Barrons Books and Baubles Barrons doesn’t like Mac at all and keeps it just business between them by calling her Ms Lane while she calls him Barrons I call him Le Douche Douche needs Mac because she’s the only one who can locate the Sinsar Dubh Most of the action are these two searching for the demon book and Mac opening her eyes to the Fae around her such as V’lane the prince of the Tuath De’ Danaan a fine specimen of Fae who can literally kill you through too many orgasms during sex Mac and V’lane become friends in a strange way while Barrons is always there taunting Mac and NEVER ANSWERING ANY UESTIONS SHE HAS Mac gets frustrated by Barrons’s aloofness and cruel demeanor while she fantasizes about his body tattoos and his fast cars and bookstore she lusts after as much as she lust after him but doesn't want the scary thing hiding under his garage that Barrons won’t say what it is because BARRONS DOESN’T ANSWER ANY UESTIONS MAC ASKS HIM Slowly oh so very slowly Mac gets closer to the truth as she goes from cutesy Barbie doll Legally Blonde Elle Woods to black wearing I’m going to kick some ass ala Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2 All the while she lusts after Barrons who acts like Batman appearing for short amounts of time to act snarky and rude to Mac knowing she’s practically in heat for him I guess his snappish insults are like foreplay for them bothI have three big issues why the Fever series didn’t work The fact that Barrons le Douche refuses to answer any uestions thrown his way by Mac is a poor attempt to keep the tension alive It’s a throwback plot device that doesn’t work and is a weakness on the part of the author to keep the reader invested in finding the answers Having Barrons act like a petulant spoiled boy much like a douche by refusing to give up anything is almost insulting Also the screen time with Barrons is very minimal if you think of it He comes and goes with no real purpose and I wonder if Karen’s original plans for Barrons wasn’t as important to the overall story arc who was transformed into a important role based on readers’ reactions I had a big issue with Mac’s constant internalization Shadowfever is very guilty of this Mac is a wonderful character who grows in every single book even with the long winded inner monologues while Barrons is stagnant The excuse could be is because Barrons is thousands upon thousands of years old but you think he’d have some therapeutic change based on Mac being in his life I was waiting for that moment where Barrons does have that light bulb moment with Mac Sorry by him accepting Mac as his lover and showing through hot sex that she’s the one for him is not good enough for meFinally The Fever series as a whole is very watered down I can appreciate the mythology of it all but at times I felt this was very surface type reading It may just be me but I like descriptive explanations and much of the action was glossed over I had problems trying to get a handle on things and what was going on I also felt poor Mac was being thrown in every which direction for no purpose this happens a great deal in Shadowfever And destroying a character’s psyche and spirit by constantly throwing horrible things at them such as a death of a loved one being threatened brutally raped and then being insulted left and right is not a good enough or valid reason to show how your main character such as Mac can walk though the fires be burned to a crisp and come out stronger than everThe Fever series just didn’t work for me I could continue to go on with other reasons including why I think Barrons is the perfect example of an abusive manipulative emotionally stunted jerk but that would take a whole other post For what it’s worth I do have to mention how the tone of Feminism is very strong in this series At no point does Mac rely on a man to save her Barrons doesn’t really come to her rescue at any point unless you count the one time when he helps her bring her out of her Py’ra the almost death by Fae sex Which I kept thinking of She Ra But the again it wasn’t a totally unselfish move on Barrons part either Karen does make a great case for “Girl Power” in the form of Mac and the thirteen year old Dani who becomes Mac’s backup and her new found sister and sidhe warrior in armsHow I wished I could have enjoyed these books but they fell so flat for me Also this could have worked better as a trilogy than over five books Bloodfever book #2 doesn’t bring anything worthwhile to the series I will say this Karen does sure know how to write some great one liners and dialogue What may be the most effective line from all these books still sticks with me It was first mentioned by Barrons in Dreamfever and brought up by Mac again toward the end of Shadowfever where Mac and Barrons finally are completely honest with one another Barrons tells Mac she’ll find a man who will kiss her until she can’t breathe where she’ll realize she doesn’t need air Mac has found that with Barrons and since the Fever series isn’t technically a romance their HEA is the least likely normal one that should be expected even if their road to their HEA was less than ideal for me For this reader I very much had my breath the entire time while reading the Fever series and didn’t lose my breath once because of the overall lacking enjoyment I found as I read

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“Evil is a completely different creature Mac Evil is bad that believes it’s good” MacKayla Lane was just a child when she and her sister Alina were given up for adoption and banished from Ireland forever Twenty years later Alina is dead and Mac has returned to the country that expelled them to hunt her sister’s murderer But after discovering that she descends from a bloodline both gifted and cursed Mac is plunged into a secret history an ancient conflict between humans and immortals who ha Usually when reviewing a book it's possible to give away a few minor plot points in order to discuss the theme and intentions of the author without actually spoiling anything in the book With Shadowfever however pretty much discussing anything is a spoiler In fact admitting the existence of the book is actually a spoilerI can't even really discuss what characters feature in this story because that too would be a spoiler This review has absolutely no spoilers in the main part Down below if you scroll to the very bottom of the page you will see some comments and thoughts of mine that contain spoilers but they are well marked and easily avoidedMy best chance for providing a spoiler free review for you is to just describe my general feel of the book This is really the easiest way for me to do thatReading this book was like that scene out of Napoleon Dynamite where Pedro promises his class that if they vote for him all their dreams will come trueShadowfever was a little like that In the first four books KMM promised that if I just picked this one up ALL MY DREAMS WOULD COME TRUEAnd you know what? KMM wasn't fucking around Pictured Not Fucking AroundShe did everything I believed was absolutely impossible She did it with class she did it with style and she actually made me happy that I put my faith in this seriesThat's a pretty big order to fillAs promised the Shadowfever delivered WITH fireworksPart of it was that Mac was such a singularly self introspective character Every thought every action every word or omission was examined with cruel objective efficiency And even when she lied to herself she always came back later with a big hammer of truth and shattered those illusions until those illusions were SORRY and promised to never illude made up word alert againShe defied a mainstay of western literature in her savagery and need for vengeance Most Disclaimer Not all literature idealizes woman as the forgiving creature who prefers to get on with her life as opposed to wasting it on vengeance Probably so that she can get down to the baby making that is so important This is a particular problem in the romance genre where KMM first made her big break Women do not traditionally want to hold the cooling body of their enemy while blood drips to the floor and their hand twists the weapon that has brought an end to their vengeance Usually that's a man thing But you see Mac takes responsibility for her own vengeance She takes responsibility for the world despite how much she doesn't want to We see repeatedly in the first four books that as much as she wants to shift the burden she doesn't That takes a special kind of strength All the while reading this series I was only glad it was Mac's story and not mineKat's story would have ended with shagging V'lane ruthlessly because Kat couldn't keep it in her pants when sexy came calling The end I just would have trusted my gut and hoped that Barrons Rowena or V'lane of the MacKeltars knew better Who was I to decide the fate of the world?Shadowfever sorely tests that aspect of Mac that strength to not rely on others to solve her problems I cannot sing KMM's praises enough for this Princesses who sit in castles waiting for the noble prince to find them romance heroine's whose honourable rich lover turns up to rescue them Their stories pale in comparison to a lead character who rolls with the punches that life gives her and does everything in her power to punch backThe single problem that I have with this book is its inability to let go of other western and other cultures are to blame too ideals that we place on our female leadsThe concept of action for selfish reasons is briefly addressed in this book and I felt that KMM was handling it so well I felt that Mac's selfishness and desire to use power for her own means were actually so well justified by the past text that maybe she SHOULD be allowed to use the ultimate power to achieve her meansThis concept was later twisted and garbled though and without going into detail was the only small botherance I really had with what was other a fantastic novel and a spectacular end to this amazing seriesSPOILERS BELOWSpoilers CommencingThere is actually of a reason that I didn't give this book than four stars and why I might decide to bump it down to threeReading up to this book several fans including myself picked apart the other four looking for clues We were so sure that Barron's identity Mac's mysterious past the Unseelie King the purpose of the book we were so sure that the answers were staring us right in the face and that we just needed to find the right set of evidence to figure it outBut now I know that for the lie it was Some things were cleverly concealed like the identity of Alanna's killer and the holder of her journal However all of the rest I feel were kept from us You can't deduce what Barrons is from the pitiful amount of information provided in the first four books and nothing will prepare you for the rather annoying truth He's something never before seen Never before heard of There's no myth no legend It was never something we COULD guessSame with Mac's origins How could you actually know that the book was capable of absorbing itself into a fetus? You can't You never have enough information that you could have deduced thatSo whilst I really enjoyed Shadowfever I felt a bit cheated that KMM wasn't the brilliant creator cleverly concealing the truth so that the truly observant amongst her readership could arrive at the right conclusions She just didn't give us enough information Maybe that sounds like whining Maybe it sounds like a petulant child stamping its foot and saying It's not fairWell truthfully if a mystery writer finished a novel and the hero came out and said It was the Maid in the poolroom with the candlestick but you wouldn't have been able to guess that because I'm only now presenting the information necessary to come to that conclusion Well in that case you'd think the mystery writer was cracked Half the fun is in trying to be smarter than the protagonist In this case none of us really had a chanceAlso Mac's a big whimpy coward who should have told Barrons right from the getgo that she loved himMy other problem with this entire series is the nature of women and men portrayed Mac and Dani are the only good powerful women portrayed and Dani is just a childThe Fae are supposed to be matriarchal yet they are effectively led by V'lane The women don't really have any power The so called ueen is weak ineffectual and needs to be protected by a Prince who also does all the work for her In the confrontation between Seelie and Unseelie we see that the female fae have no voice or authority over the men and their opinions are easily discardedAll the big players in this book are men with the sole exception of Rowena who is not only a total bitch but also weak and obviously a very poor leader with bad judgement Women who gain power in this series with the sole exception of Mac become bad The Seelie ueen is depicted as cruel jealous and ultimately defeated by her powerful husbandMight makes right for Barrons and his men whose views on women make cavemen look fair and reasonable The MacKeltars are just as bad and reading this book gives the distinct impression that Mac's vagina and who gets it is just as important as Mac's abilitiesBarrons becomes furious with Mac in Dreamfever for withholding information about the Book because apparently this is the one thing he's after YET he knows that Mac's search for her sister's killer is the one thing she's after and he is all too happy to keep information about that to himselfFiona gains some power by eating unseelie flesh in these novels yet she is ultimately a doormat to her petty emotions for Barrons Not a single one of the major book players McCabe Malluce O'Bannion are female Women simply don't have power in the Fever world Even if they're supposed to

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ShadowfeverVe lived concealed among us for thousands of yearsWhat follows is a shocking chain of events with devastating conseuences and now Mac struggles to cope with grief while continuing her mission to acuire and control the Sinsar Dubh a book of dark forbidden magic scribed by the mythical Unseelie King containing the power to create and destroy worldsIn an epic battle between humans and Fae the hunter becomes the hunted when the Sinsar Dubh turns on Mac and begins mowing a deadly path through those she lov I know a lot of friend readers and bloggers adored this book and I completely understand and respect that Usually every book I read has at least some issues that are to a varying degree overlookable The tragedy happens when the flaws for the reader overpower the attractions and sadly this is what happened for me with ShadowfeverWarning SPOILERSHere is the truth This book drove me BANANAS with the endless paragraphs of uestions Shadowfever did NOT need to be the length that it was that it was stretched out entirely too long with unnecessary emo verse and Mac Version 200 uestions made me want to stab someoneHere are just 2 of endless examples in which a paragraph of uestions are used to tell the story“What would happen when we finally had the Book under lock and key? How did Barrons think he was going to use it once it was contained? Did he know the First Language? Was he that old? Had he learned it over time or been taught? Did he plan to let us re inter it at the abbey again then sit down and read it? And do what with the knowledge?” pg 372“Was she bad because she’d loved him? Was he evil because he’d wanted to reclaim what had been taken from him? Hadn’t the same motives driven the Unseelie King and his concubine? Didn’t the same motives drive humans every day?Why hadn’t the ueen just let the king have the woman he loved? Why couldn’t the king be happy with one lifetime? What might have happened to the Unseelie if they’d never been imprisoned? Might they have turned out like the Seelie court?And what about my sister and me? Would we really doom the world? Nurture or nature What were we?” pg 452That is just crappy storytelling for me The euivalent to pages and pages of paragraph uestions like this throughout the book is not endearing to me I know that KMM has used this style of writing in previous books but it was too excessive for me to forgiveShould I go on with the things that really bothered me? She is looking through a photo album of Alina’s and she opens up to a picture Alina took of her and Darroc having sex and the shot is him as he’s coming Wait What? Let me get this straight Alina took a picture of Darroc right when he is orgasming inside of her had it developed and then put it in to her photo album along with photos of her birthday parties and shit? Are you serious? INSERT ME GAGGING HERE “From the look on his face I knew he was coming when she took it And I could see it in his eyes He’d loved her too” That just ain’t rightBy the middle of the book I was channeling Dave Chappelle chanting “Wrap It Up” She’s the concubine No she’s the Unseelie King no wait she’s only one of many parts of him she’s becoming Fae she’s here she’s there what is he where is he it just became ridiculous By the time she takes Barrons by the hand and kills him AGAIN by trying to get him through the Unseelie King’s silver in his boudoir I threw in the towel Again she kills him? Again she says “I’m sorry?” Overkill Enough Tell us what the BLEEP is going on already Then what is ultimately revealed about who Mac is is just silly She was “touched” in the womb by the Sinshar Du and that’s how she and it are connected? How she has all these memories? I’ve waited over a year for this? And Christian What was the point of Christian’s evolution from Druid to Unseelie Prince? Huh?I did like several parts of the book I enjoyed the world building I felt like I could really see the White Mansion and the Unseelie Prison I also loved when Darroc was decapitated and all Mac was concerned about was putting his head back on and torturing information out of him That was AWESOME I think this was my favorite uote from the book“Darroc is no longer about to kiss me because his head is gone—just gone—and you’re never ready for that no matter how cold and hard and dead you think you are inside Being sprayed by the blood of a headless corpse—especially someone you know whether you like him or not—gets you on a visceral level Doubly so when you were about to kiss that person But even upsetting is that I don’t know how to merge with the Book All I can think is His head is gone and I don’t know how to merge with the Book He eats Unseelie Can I put his head back on? If I do can he talk? Maybe I can patch him up and torture it out of him” pg 149Another part that highly amused me even if it was not totally buyable was that V’lane this entire time was Cruce the last Unseelie Prince I honestly did not see V’lane’s deception coming at all I did like the plot twist of Dani leading Alina to her demise tooI loved of course that she and Barrons AFTER 4 BOOKS and 450 PAGES OF THIS BOOK finally gave in to one another but by the time it happened for me it was too little too late I was really passed the point where I could take their angerstresssexual tension any longer and I was sick of them both by part 4And then after all these millennia of Barrons searching for the Sinshar Du at all costs to end his son’s suffering that part of the story is resolved in the last 2 pages and it is something so ridiculously simple? All the things he has done to track the book the people he has hurt and killed and his problem is solved wrapped up in a nice little bow at the very end? And we never learn what Barrons really is other than “a Beast” What are he and his 8 really? She couldn’t give that to her readers? Who was the mother of his child? And how did Fiona know all of this about his inability to die and than Mac did? How did Fiona initially fit in to all this? Hey This entire paragraph of uestions makes me sound like wait for it Mac Version 200 uestionsSorry KMM but 25 stars I am disappointed with the end result I don’t feel you gave us readers the true ending to the series we deserved but I ain’t mad at ya You had a story to tell and I am just one fan who didn’t like itué sera seraOriginally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews