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FREE READ ó Doomed By Chuck Palahniuk Ï ❧ Doomed free download ➛ Author Chuck Palahniuk – Madison Spencer the liveliest and snarkiest dead girl in the universe continues the afterlife adventure begun in Chuck Palahniuk’s bestseller Damned Just as that novel brought us a brilliant Hell th Madison Spencer theMadison Spencer the liveliest and snarkiest dead girl in the universe continues the afterlife adventure begun in Chuck Palahniuk’s bestseller Damned Just as that novel brought us a brilliant Hell that only he could imagine Doomed is a dark and twisted apocalyptic vision from this provocative storytellerThe bestselling Damned chronicled Madison’s journey across the unspeakable and really gross landscape of the afterlife to confront the Devil himself But her story isn’t over yet In a series of electronic dispatches from the Great Beyond Doomed describes the ultimate showdown between Good and Evil After a Hallowee. I was really excited to read this book as I used to love Chuck Palahniuk particular favs were Diary and Lullaby However something appears to have happened either to me or his writing I just couldn't stand the voice of Maddison the main character who is stuck in purgatory in this seuel to Damned The blog post thing felt too fake like he is just trying to write in a hip format and attract a younger readership The text felt forced the writing was trying too hard trying too hard to be cool and speak the language of a younger demographic I am only 32 but I am so sick of reading text like that I read a novel because I'M SICK of reading short blurbs blog posts tweets etc I want long juicy thick paragraphs and this book was so snippy I couldn't really sink my teeth in to it Too bad he used to be such a great writer always with edgy ideas that bloomed into good prose

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N ritual gone awry Madison finds herself trapped in Purgatory or as mortals like you and I know it Earth She can see and hear every detail of the world she left behind yet she’s invisible to everyone who’s still alive Not only do people look right through her they walk right through her as well The upside is that no longer subject to physical limitations she can pass through doors and walls Her first stop is her parents’ luxurious apartment where she encounters the ghost of her long deceased grandmother For Madison the encounter triggers memories of the awful summer she spent upstate with Nana Minnie and her gr. Gentle TweeterOh I just don't know where to begin This was absolutely agonizing I looked back and saw that I gave Damned book 1 only one star so I should not have expected much from the seuelCtrl Alt FrustratedCtrl Alt HeaddeskAdmittedly Chuck did a helluva job in perfecting the obnoxious voice of a 13 yr old sassy dead girlBut I think I am Ctrl Alt So Done with CPI can't believe I went through 329 of 329 yes the entire book I am hopeless pages of excruciating misery waiting for something The joke's on me However I found this line noteworthy;You never know the complicated deals two people negotiate in order to stay married beyond the first ten minutes And this particular excerpt singlehandedly lifted this book up from a one star to a two star Only the miserable the failures the outcasts will crouch for days to observe the mating habits of a salamander Or to study a boiling teakettle The avant garde in every field consists of the lonely the friendless the uninvited All progress is the product of the unpopularNothing except deep misery leads to real success

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Doomed By Chuck PalahniAndfather Papadaddy As she revisits the painful truth of what transpired over those months including a disturbing and finally fatal meeting in a rest stop’s fetid men’s room in which well never mind her saga of eternal damnation takes on a new and sinister meaning Satan has had Madison in his sights from the very beginning through her and her narcissistic celebrity parents he plans to engineer an era of eternal damnation For everyone Once again our unconventional but plucky heroine must face her fears and gather her wits for the battle of a lifetime Dante Alighieri watch your back Chuck Palahniuk is gaining on yo. Doomed is written in the form of blog posts from the afterlife or rather purgatory Madison still walks amongst those she left and they can't see or hear her In each chapter or 'post' as it were she encounters something new from seeing her dead grandmother's ghost on a trip to her parents' apartment to guiding the reader through the worst summer of her life and uite possibly the reason she wound up in hell in the first placeLater we find out that in no uncertain terms death was her destiny Her crazy as all getout parents knew what would happen from the start and didn't care one way or another what happened to their daughterAs a reader the blog post format is actually very easy to read offering the story in easily digestible pieces Every now and again another character will chime in with a post of their own but about 95 percent comes from Madison's point of viewAs with his other novels Palahniuk hooks the reader very early on with Doomed I found myself wanting to read a single chapter before bed and before I knew it it would be a hundred pages and an hour later Chuck Palahniuk is really a champion amongst authors and if you've read and enjoyed his other works yes even Pygmy Doomed definitely will not let you down