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Down and Out in Paris and London Mobi Á 213 pages å Insolpro Ú ➷ Down and Out in Paris and London Free ➭ Author George Orwell – This unusual fictional memoir in good part autobiographical narrates without self pity and often with humor the adventures of a penniless British wN while waiting for a job he experiences the world of tramps street people and free lodging houses In the tales of both cities we learn some sobering Orwellian truths about poverty and of societ İ´ve read the Essay “Paris Ve Londra'da Beş Parasız” written by George Orwell It´s a biography of his own life and personal experiences After George Orwell´s cancellation as officer of the British colonial power he flew to Paris to work as an English teacher because he aspired a job as a committed writer Unfortunately his job as an English teacher and writer didn´t worked out and conseuently he worked as a day labourer harvester and dishwasher in a luxury restaurant “Paris Ve Londra'da Beş Parasız” isn´t about political emphasises and has principally an anecdotic character However this biography shows and emphasises clearly the former living environment of the entirely poverty stricken lower classes It´s uestionable if the business of those big hotels is still the same after 70 years as Orwell describes But yet this biography is very enriching and motivates the reader to think about this personal story

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This unusual fictional memoir in good part autobiographical narrates without self pity and often with humor the adventures of a penniless British writer among the down and outs of two great citi As anyone who has read 1984 can attest Orwell is among other things a master of disgust a writer who can describe a sualid apartment building an aging painted whore or a drunken old man with just the right details to make the reader's nose twitch with displeasure his stomach rise into the throat with revulsion What makes this book so good is that although he may continually evoke this reaction in his account of the working and the wandering poor Orwell never demeans or dismisses the human beings who live in this repulsive environment The people he describes may be disgusting but they are often resourceful too and Orwell makes it clear that it is the economic system itself not the character flaws of particular individuals caught up in the system which is to blame for so much sualor and suffering I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to read a vivid description of the conditions of those who live beneath the underbelly of society and the stratagems they use to survive whether they be recently impoverished men endeavoring to maintain respectability Paris dishwashers sweating through their underground existence or British tramps enduring the daily bone wearying trek for a cheap place to lay their heads

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Down and Out in Paris and LondonEs The Parisian episode is fascinating for its expose of the kitchens of posh French restaurants where the narrator works at the bottom of the culinary echelon as dishwasher or plongeur In Londo Down and Out in Paris and London George OrwellDown and Out in Paris and London is the first full length work by the British author George Orwell published in 1933 It is a memoir in two parts on the theme of poverty in the two cities The first part is an account of living in near destitution in Paris and the experience of casual labour in restaurant kitchens The second part is a travelogue of life on the road in and around London from the tramp's perspective with descriptions of the types of hostel accommodation available and some of the characters to be found living on the marginsعنوانها محرومان پاریس و لندن؛ آس و پاس ها؛ نویسنده جورج اورول؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و یکم ماه جولای سال 2006 میلادیعنوان محرومان پاریس و لندن؛ نویسنده جورج اورول؛ مترجم اسماعیل کیوانی؛ تهران، تیسفون، 1362؛ در 318 ص؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی سده 20 معنوان آس و پاس ها؛ نویسنده جورج اورول، مترجم اکبر تبریزی؛ تبریز، انتشارات بهجت؛ چاپ سوم 1385 در 269 ص، شابک ایکس 964667190؛ چاپ دیگر ترهان، بهجت، 1389؛ شابک 9789642763474؛ مترجم آوینا ترنم؛ تهران، هنر پارینه، 1394، در 286 ص؛ شابک 9786005205558؛آس و پاس‌ها در پاریس و لندن، روایت نویسنده ی بریتانیایی «جورج اورول»، از زندگی فقرا و بی‌خانمان‌ها در «پاریس» و «لندن» است این کتاب در ماه ژانویه 1933 میلادی منتشر شد، و در انتشار برای این کتاب نخستین بار «اریک آرتور بلر»، از نام مستعار «جورج اورول»، استفاده کرد «اورول» پس از خوانش «تهیدستان جک لندن» تصمیم به زندگی در میان طبقات محرومان و مهاجران، در شهرهای «پاریس» و «لندن» گرفت رویدادهای زندگی آمیخته با فقر او، در بهار 1928 میلادی، در مسافرخانه‌ های «پاریس»، و اشتغالش به ظرفشویی، در رستوران‌ها و هتل‌های «پاریس»، فصل‌های نخست این روایت را، تشکیل می‌دهد راوی در بخشهایی از زندگی خویش در «پاریس»، با یک افسر پشین روسیه، به نام «بوریس»، همراه میشود، که به سختی زندگی خویش را میگذراند، و از صاحبخانه یهودی خویش ناراضی ست برخی به همین دلیل، این کتاب را یهود ستیزانه میدانند گزارش ایشان از «لندن»، بیشتر شرح روزگار بی‌خانمان‌های «انگلیس»ی ست، که در پی یافتن بستری برای خوابیدن، از نوانخانه‌ ای، به نوانخانه ی دیگر، رانده می‌شوند، یا شب‌ها را، در پیاده روی خیابان، میگذرانند «اورول» این نوع زندگی را، برای نوشتن گزارشی، در اواخر سال 1927 میلادی، تجربه کرده بودند