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Enn Dshamilja sagt sich von ihrem Heimatort und den alten Traditionen los und zieht in die Ferne Neu mit einem Nachwort von Tschingis Aitmatow Die wahre Geschichte hinter Dshamilj. This is a book I would probably never have been aware of let alone picked up and read had it not been chosen for the August book of the month at Waterstones It really was a pleasant surprise It’s a joy to read and contains some beautiful description It really is testament to how well written it is that it feels such a complete and fully realised story in so few pages My colleagues and I agreed that it doesn’t need than its humble 96 pages and does a lot with those pages than many modern day efforts at telling a love storySweet uplifting and beautiful it’s a worthy choice for book of the month

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ДжамиляDer jährige Said erzählt die Geschichte seiner jungen verheirateten Schwägerin Dshamilja Während ihr ungeliebter Ehemann an der Front steht lernt die selbstbewusste lebensfroh. I bought this little book in a charity shop on a total whim purely because I didn't think I had ever read an author from Kyrgyzstan I am so glad I did because it was absolutely wonderful The narrator of the tale is teenager Seit and Jamilia is his sister in law The story tells of the love between Jamilia and a shy newcomer to the village Daniyar I think because it is told by the youngster there is a certain innocence in the telling which is very effective My copy of this book has a uote on the front cover to the effect that this is the most beautiful love story in the world What that doesn't convey is that this is not just a love story in the sense of a romance but also about a deeper love a love for the land for tradition for music for art for life itself Take for example this description of Seit hearing Daniyar sing for the first time He was a man deeply in love I felt it was not simply a love for another person it was somehow an uncommon expansive love for life and earth He had kept his love within himself in his music in his very being A person with no feeling no matter how good his voice could never have sung like thatThere is such a wonderful sense of time and place here too I felt totally immersed in rural life on the steppe The languagetranslation is lyrical and flowing I loved the fact too that the romantic heroine Jamilia is a strong capable and assertive womanThis book is an absolute gem I loved it can you tell

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Джамиля Review à 100 â [EPUB] ✸ Джамиля By Chingiz Aitmatov – Insolpro.co.uk Der 15 jährige Said erzählt die Geschichte seiner jungen verheirateten Schwägerin Dshamilja Während ihr ungeliebter Ehemann an der Front steht lernt die selbstbewusste lebensfrohe Dshamilja den sc Der jährige Said erzählt die Geschichte seinerE Dshamilja den scheuen träumerischen Danijar kennen und lieben Der junge Said erzählt mit den Augen eines Kindes das zu verstehen beginnt welch eine Macht die Liebe sein kann D. Chingiz Aitmatov is a Kyrgyz author who wrote in Kyrgyz and Russian Although Jamila was published in Russian I'm going to count it for Kyrgyzstan for my ongoing Around the World reading challengeSet during the long period of collectivism as a Soviet state in the village where Jamila lives with her in laws her husband is a soldier on the front but is delayed in his return because of an injury and in fact most of the able bodied men are absent for the same reason Her brother in law too young to fight is the narrator of the story He and Jamila harvest wheat together to be sent to the front and he is the witness to her interactions with others He is also coming into his own artistic sensibilitiesAs in most books I have read set in this area the landscape of the steppes reuire a lot of hard work isolation and horses are central to daily life Jamila's father was a known horse trainer so she has skills in that area as well