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The Iron TrialSten Magier der Schule in die Lehre zu gehen Doch alles was Call über ihn und das Magisterium weiß lässt ihn befürchten das erste Schuljahr nicht The Iron Kindle lebend zu überstehe. I really wanted to love this Really wanted ‘‘The Enemy was a great mage – maybe even the best – but he went crazy He wanted to live forever and make the dead live again That’s why they called him the Enemy of Death because he tried to conuer death He started pulling chaos into the world putting the power of the void into animalsand even people’’ SighI’m thinking that this reminds me very much of someone in the Harry Potter series You must be annoyed of seeing this being so much compared to that series butthere are so many similarities To say the leastIt wasn’t 100% ripped off but you can’t just stop comparing it to HP while reading it I have actually no idea what Cassandra Clare and Holly Black are thinking about their work themselves but I wonder how they did to NOT see or perhaps they just didn’t care the ‘that belongs to the Harry Potter series’ elementsThe beginning I actually enjoyed It was interesting and I had a good feeling about this book but that only went on for a maximum of 40 pages Then it all went VERY downhill and I kept thinking stuff like ‘‘Come on you can do it Only 200 pages left150 100 you’re almost there 50 thank god’’ and then it was 50% reading and 50% skimmingThere were those silly sentences that made me cringe or just annoyed or confused the hell out of me Seriously this was a bad reading experience ‘‘You’re closer to the element – like you’re doing magic you eat rocks or sand fire mages can eat matches air mages might consume blood for its oxygen’’ SERIOUSLY Who would eat rocks sand matches or BLOOD to gain power A sick sick personThe writing was absolutely not impressive nor pleasant If only it had a better and beautiful one I would have enjoyed this maybe A LITTLE See the story takes place in our Century so the language is pretty urban I was expecting something different and wanted this to feel like a true fantasy bookAs much as I love witches magic wizards and boarding schools those elements in the story weren’t surprisingly enough to make me enjoy the plot That uite rarely happens to me The Magisterium didn’t even feel like a school like a campThe events are predictable or just darn boring And to be honest I was just not convinced Not convinced by the characters the friendship the dialogs the TWIST I don’t even see how this series might get interesting with its seuels It just lacked or contained too many as I said similarities to the HP seriesSo I would certainly recommend you stay away from this in my opinion awful read that will only anger you if you’re an HP fan or steal your precious time That was harsh I know but it doesn’t change that I felt–and still feel–what I said in this reviewPS There are illustrations in this book mostly at the beginning of each chapter but unfortunately they're not always pertinent

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Nn just in diesem Moment befindet er sich auf dem Weg ins Magisterium Der unterirdischen Schule für Zauberei Ein dunkler und geheimnisvoller Ort Dort soll er bei Master Rufus dem mächtig. Well first of all all of you people SHUT THE HELL UP If Cassandra Clare wants to write books about shadowhunters or magic it doesn't even freaking matter it's her choice on what she wants to write and wait you don't like it WELL DON'T READ IT GOD You were all ranting about her next series about shadowhunters The Dark Artifices If I remember correctly you were all calling her out on milking the shadownhunter cash cow until there was nothing left Now she writes a series on something else and you're still criticizing her SERIOUSLY PEOPLE STOP Do you even know HOW many books have been written on magic Just because it's written about magic doesn't mean it's a rip off of Harry Potter Harry Potter was the most successful fiction book on magic but do you know how many others there are If anyone has read the Septimus Heap series that's also about magicAlso I hear things about the main character set up from the cover Two boys and a girl DO YOU KNOW HOW OFTEN AUTHORS USE THAT Percy Jackson for example None of you dim witted idiots hated on Percy Jackson because the group was similar to Harry Potter SO STOP IT STOP I GET THAT YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE IT BUT I DON'T GET WHY YOU'RE HATING ON HER NEXT SERIES WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW IT MIGHT TURN OUT

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Summary The Iron Trial 107 ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Iron Trial Author Holly Black – Geschlagen mit einem lahmen Bein und einer scharfen Zunge ist der zwölfjährige Callum nicht gerade der beliebteste Junge auf dem Planeten Doch das ist erst mal sein geringstes Problem Denn just in d Geschlagen mit einem lahmen Bein und einerGeschlagen mit einem lahmen Bein und einer scharfen Zunge ist der zwölfjährige Callum nicht gerade der beliebteste Junge auf dem Planeten Doch das ist erst mal sein geringstes Problem De. Cassandra Clare co wrote this so obviously there are Shadowhunters in itWhere are they I can't find them