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Aries for a newspaper He longs to see his work published yet the subjects of his obituaries continue to cling to life But when he opens the newspaper to s. Ukrainian satire isn't something I'd typically read but it's good to broaden one's horizons I think that this book must resonate with those who lived in the post Soviet world although the loneliness relieved only by a buddy named Sergey and a large depressed penguin named Misha was really well written The humor was witty and dark the story uirky and you had to enjoy architecture called Stalin baroue Our hero is a depressive sort who cannot get published for his short stories but instead is hired to write pre obituaries for various hoi polloi just in case said notables should suddenly drop dead and the editor be left scrambling for a high uality write up of the deceased’s contributions to the world Our guy is charged with pondering who might reuire a flowery written send off but also might be at risk for departing for the hereafter Let’s see who is most likely to die and therefor get my work published terribly disliked politicians elderly artists mob bossesWhen he is writing these non obituary obituaries he tends to puff up the life of the predeceased Mobsters are given a little style and grace maybe some kindnesses nobody knew about fiction but hey he is a writer These write ups end up being really good and wouldn’t you know it The people he has chosen to memorialize suddenly all start ending up deadToss in a new friend a lonely penguin adopted from the zoo during their financial crisis a kid a gal and uite a few funerals and you get humor But dark nearly depressive humor It’s Ukrainian satireSomeone drew my attention to this review today and seeing that there is actually a seuel I decided to update this and to also get my hands on the new ‘penguin tale’ Bad pun Sad and almost funny That means Im ready So glad I read it

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Смерть постороннегоEe his work in print for the first time his pride swiftly turns to terror He and Misha have been drawn into a trap from which there appears to be no escap. Another slim book or less a crime novel this is a translation of a Ukrainian book The main character who has adopted a penguin from the local zoo gets a job writing obituaries then learns that he is writing obituaries for people who are about to die Great premise A uick and refreshing read and the penguin is a terrific character I understand there is a seuel too though given the ending of the book I don't know how Kurkov will pull that off The book gave a very depressing glimpse into modern Ukrainian problems I hope things really aren't as bad as portrayed but I have a feeling the author had a lot of real life material to draw from

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Free read ☆ Смерть постороннего ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù ❮Epub❯ ➟ Смерть постороннего ➞ Author Andrey Kurkov – Viktor is an aspiring writer with only Misha his pet penguin for company Although he would prefer Viktor is an aspiring writer with only Misha his pet penguin for company Although he would prefer to write short stories he earns a living composing obitu. 35 starsThere's a reason why satire isn't among the most popular literary genres It has to be extremely well written and you need to be open to that type of humor for it to work But if you do like that sort of thing and if the author is someone you can trust to be funny without being too offensive you’re probably in for a great reading experience When the Kiev zoo suffers yet another budget cut they start looking for people willing to take zoo animals as pets Viktor being a solitary and somewhat eccentric writer chooses to adopt a penguin named Misha Together he and Misha move into a small apartment where they spend the next year struggling to make ends meet Viktor occasionally sells a story to the newspaper but there are months when they barely scrape by So when the newspaper editor offers Viktor a strange but intriguing and well paid job he is uick to accept What the editor needs is someone to write obituaries in advance seeing as he was caught unprepared on than one occasion When someone famous dies the newspaper needs to have a touching obituary ready for print It is now Viktor’s job to make a list of the most influential people gather information about their lives write an obituary and sign it with a vague ‘A group of friends’ ”What we’re after is a gifted obituarist master of the succinct Snappy pithy way out stuff’s the idea You with me” He looked hopefully at Viktor“Sit in an office you mean and wait for deaths” Viktor asked warily as if fearing to hear as much confirmed“No of course not Far interesting and responsible than that What you’d have to do is create from scratch an index of obelisk jobs – as we call obituaries – to include deputies and gangsters down to the cultural scene – that sort of person – while they’re still alive”His job may not be something to write home about but Viktor soon discovers that he excels at it He is so good in fact that he starts getting reuests from other clients as well His only problem is that his works are not getting published since no one has actually died But that is something a friend and client of his Misha non penguin might be willing to fix even without Viktor’s knowledgeWhat could be the favorite pastime of a bored writer and his pet penguin with a depressive syndrome That’s easy – ice fishing This entire novel is an orgy of absurdity Nothing in it makes any sense at all The only thing that makes sense is how much I enjoyed reading it and how much I’m looking forward to reading Penguin Lost