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Read ò Damiano's Return Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î [Reading] ➭ Damiano's Return ➵ Lynne Graham – Missing Husband Found AliveDamiano Braganzi is back Damiano the husband whom Eden James had thought she'd never see againEden and Damiano had been married oR love for Damiano is as strong as ever she fears that he will want a divorce unless she can overcome her hang ups in the bedroom. Finally a virgin who is that way on principle and a realistic look at the marital sex life usually the stuff of very unlikely fantasy of a shy insecure virgin and an very experienced man Marriage Meltdown had it but that hero was a bigger jerk and didn't really love his wife The story was caught between hero wanting to rage with jealousy over wife's cheating and having to occasionally address the fact that it wouldn't actually have been cheating Lost a star for me when he said he would have divorced her That just doesn't seem consistent with a man who'd suffered so much and undergone a transformation in his perspective of what is important I loved how she ran to greet him and the way she expressed her feelings

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Missing Husband Found AliveDamiano Braganzi is back Damiano the husband whom Eden James had thought she'd never see againEden and. Second chance story that has an old skool heroine one who can't speak up is hopelessly naive and spends a lot of time feeling sorry for herself The Hh have only been married seven months when he is kidnapped overseas Now five years later he returns to England to pick up the pieces of his life He's learned about priorities in life and has had a lot of time to reflect on what went wrong in his marriageThe heroine is still in love with the hero but she is basically being blackmailed by her sister in law and childhood friend to hide their affair The tabloids speculated it was the heroine in the grainy photo The Hh have a great reunion until the hero sees a cutting from the tabloid Heroine finally tells him the whole story but he's not listening The Hh both grew up while they were apart although they did lapse into old habits as their first reaction Hero was celibate during their separation as was the heroine I enjoyed all the OTT evil family members and friends and watching the Hh work it all outNot for those who are annoyed by ninny heroines so be warned

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Damiano's ReturnDamiano had been married only a short time when he disappeared and things had not been good between them So though Eden knows he. Damiano returns after being gone for 5 years having been kidnapped when doing business in a volatile third world nation Interesting story about how two people work to put back together a marriage that had been on the rocks prior to his departure Damiano was actually a terrific hero Five years of captivity has given him time to understand and prioritize what really matters in life and he comes home willing to fight for his marriageWhat I couldn't get past was the heroine's weakness She was just so pathetic Though she does get a backbone in the end her actions and logic behind her decisions were too pitiful to watch She just made one blunder after another I felt that she really wasn't worthy of him