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Remains happy and optimistic there’s a reason her best friend Gus calls her Bright Side Kate is strong willed funny smart and musically gifted She’s also never believed in love So when Kate leaves San Diego to attend college in the smal. What would you do if you found it that you had only six months to live Would you clean out your account and go about doing things on your bucket list Would you throw a pity party and expect all of your near and dear ones to come be with you as you spend at precious moments on this earth Would you leave uietly and hide out so you don't see sadness in the eyes of your beloved people and it'll break your heart What will you do in the last monthweekdayhours Or would you touch all the people's lives with fun and humour and kindness and loveopen heated all encompassing loveKate sedgwick took the choice to #DoEpicthat's what kim created A masterpiece a story so intense that it shames you for being petty and whiny when your car breaks down or you miss out on a sale or you fight with your family or you yell at your kids or when you're stuck in trafficlife is all about Sunsets and people Time to be with people you love and share beautiful moments with them like sunsets or coffee or books or music or just tShirtsThis book made me bawl hardand I mean HARD It reminded me today to smile at strangers a little widely love my husband a little intensely hug my son a little tightly I never know whose life I may be touching today making it a teeny bit better I wanna be Kate now today tomorrow Shes an intensely powerful brave strong girl who captures everyone's heart her purity of soul and generous spirit spellbinds everyone who she touches Kim has created the perfect girl warrior Some kind of a hero who I aspire to be😊Kim writes don’t forsake the present for the unknowns of the future A lot of happiness is bypassed overlooked postponed to a time years from now that may never come Don’t bide your time and miss out on this moment for a tomorrow with no guarantee”I promise to #DoEpicsunsets and people thats what its all about 💖#BookBistroBlogApproved Follow me onBookBistroBloggmailcomhttpsTwittercomBookBistrowwwinstagramcomBookBistroBloghttpsbookbistrobloggerblogspotcom

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Bright SideL town of Grant Minnesota the last thing she expects is to fall in love with Keller Banks They both feel it But they each have a reason to fight it They each have a secret And when secrets are revealed Some will heal you And some will end y. ➦I liked this book I went in blind and it wasn't anything like I thought it would be I'm definitely in the minority here and I won't be gushing over how beautiful the story was and such Perhaps I just failed to connect to the heroine or may be I was just a bit torn up because of the whole awkward love triangle going on here ➦I liked both Gus heroine's best friend and Keller heroine's boyfriend I just never really fell in love with either of them Not to say that their character development wasn't thorough but there was just something off for me I can't uite place it I'll just go with shit happens instead of trying to rationalize it D➦By the time I was half way through the book I was fully aware of where it was going and how it was going to end The books is written in a journal format and that in itself made it rather depressing for me And also kind of boring I wanted to DNF it a couple of times even A lot of people loved this book and found the story inspirational and you might be one of those people This didn't uite hit the spot for me but it might for you ; One thing to keep in mind perhaps is that the book has a major trigger view spoilercancer hide spoiler

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Bright Side Free download é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö ➳ Bright Side Read ➻ Author Kim Holden – Secrets Everyone has one Some are bigger than others And when secrets are revealed Some will heal you And some will end you Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical She’s endured hardshi SeSecrets Everyone has one Some are bigger than others And when secrets are revealed Some will heal you And some will end you Kate Sedgwick’s life has been anything but typical She’s endured hardship and tragedy but throughout it all she. This book wrecked me It was incredibly touching and heartfelt Despite dealing with some rather depressing subject matter it was handled with care I can't say that I didn't cry big fat tears but I can say that I smiled far than I cried while reading this book It was beautifulThe heroine Kate moves from San Diego to Grant Minnesota for college Right off the bat I loved her It is easy to understand why her best friend Gus gave her the nickname Bright Side She is the type of person that just lights up a room Kudos to the narrator for being able to capture the essence of Kate's character so wellAs Kate makes friends in her new home she never lets her relationship with Gus weaken They talk daily on the phone while he tours with his band Rook There is no mistaking the strength of their bond or the fact that there are feelings shared that extend beyond the bounds of normal friendshipDespite claiming not to believe in romantic love Kate finds herself falling in love Keller Banks is the hot guy that works the counter at the coffee shop that she freuents for her caffeine fix They flirt tirelessly and find themselves thrown together often through mutual friends Once Kate and Keller begin spending time together their attraction is evident Before long Keller has let Kate into the private aspects of his life that he doesn't share with others The two grow incredibly close in a very short period of time Nobody is surprised by their uick intimacy than Kate herself She never planned on falling in love She didn't even believe it existed More importantly she has a big secret that she's been keeping from everyone she loves which she knows will ruin everythingAside from the romance between Kate and Keller I found myself drawn to the stories of friendship in this book Kate's relationship with Gus was incredible The support and love between them was so strong it was tangible Similarly her relationships with Clayton Shelley and Pete were inspiring This book certainly did not lack for a strong cast of supporting characters Each of these characters was endearing in their own way Even the ones that made me mad initially like Kate's roommate won me over eventually I loved all of them and am looking forward to reading their storiesIn the end I cried big fat tears It was sad but also very inspiring This is one of those books that makes you step back and reevaluate how you go through life It was inspirational and helps keep things in perspective This is a must read I can't believe that I put it off for so long but I am so glad that I finally read it This book was fabulous