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Blood Bound doc Ä Mass Market Paperback read ✓ [Reading] ➼ Blood Bound By Patricia Briggs – Under the rule of science there are no witch burnings allowed no water trials or public lynchings In return the average law abiding solid citizen has little to worry about from the things that go bump Under the rulUnder the rule of science there are no witch burnings allowed no water trials or public lynchings In return the average law abiding solid citizen has little to worry about from the things that go ✘ Now You See Me Now You Don't Express Buddy Read NYSMNYDEBR™ with Nafeeza Layla and Ange ✘☠ DNF at 21% pats her little self on the exoskeleton for making it that farOkay I was going to do the Cut the Crap Thing CtCT™ but I just noticed the cover for this book and am conseuently slightly pissed off so this might take longer than originally planned You're welcomeThat bloody shrimping cover What the bloody shrimping fish? Why the holy barnacle does Mercy have to display her boobs like that? Because her being a mechanic makes her less feminine and she has to reassert her womanly womanhood by flaunting her freaking assets? Just in case the readers have a doubt as to whether she is male of female? Or is it just that is it super HAWT both literally and figuratively in Washington State and our dear girl just NEEDS to keep her work coveralls open at all times? You know for the sake of ventilation and stuff? Right I'm sure that's what this is about Damn I hate that kind of crap The cover would have been just as hot way hotter had Mercy shown just a little cleavage Because YES a chick can look hot in coveralls even when she is NOT showing off her boobs This probably comes as a shock I know I'm sorry I had to break it to you so brutally my Little Barnacles but you couldn't be left in the dark any longer Your mental sanity was at stake here whether you realize it or not Someone had to do something about it Why you're very welcome my dears I absolutely lurve that cute kitty by the way You know my tastes so well it's touching really view spoilersummons Fleet Admiral DaShrimp DaShrimp nuke those Silly Barnacles NOW No one throws cute kitties at me and gets away with it unscathed hide spoiler

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Bump in the night Sometimes I wish I was an average citizenMechanic Mercy Thompson has friends in low places and in dark ones And now she owes one of them a favor Since she can shapeshift at will The second book in the Mercy installment centers upon the vampires Stefen good friend and Scooby lovin t shirt wearing vamp calls in a favor Favors among the supernatural are always tricky When Mercy goes with him to a hotel to meet a suspicious new vampire they both get than they bargained for Yucky stuff follows but Stefen has a different memory of the horror in the hotel Mercy must share her memory with the vampire seethe in a bloody and creepy way so that the ueen Marsilia does not kill Stefen for bringing unwelcome attention to the vampires From there Mercy is kicked out of the action while the menfolk look for the crazy vampire until the ueen vampire contacts Mercy and lends her Andre after the men go missingI'm really not a horror reader Ever since Pet Sematary when I was thirteen I've stayed far away from the genre only coming close when urban fantasy flirted with things that go bump in the night Oh and Sherri Tepper who does the science fiction version of the creepy dark side of humanity At any rate this opens with Mercy trapped as a psychotic vampire kills someone in front of her and hardly lets up Well I say 'hardly lets up' because I felt like there was a lot of description about eating bloody people as well as general descriptions of blood torture and killing But perhaps Briggs needed the horror to keep readers awake because in between events there is an unbelievable amount of info dumping In a side plot a reporter hounds Mercy and she ends up giving him a lecture and a half about werewolves while in the main storyline Mercy and the reader learn almost everything there is to know about vampire politics vampire skills sorcerers and demons Characterization continues to be one of Briggs' stronger skills with Mercy being the most interesting voice Plotting has interesting stops along the way although the overall arc is almost identical to the first book The editors must not have expected readers to have read book one as much of chapters one through three review Mercy's identity her history with Samuel and her recent history with Adam The crazy vampire bites Mercy which is an unpleasant bit of rape foreshadowing Once again the book virtually fails the Bechdel test with the exception of a brief conversation with Honey the werewolf and a grade school girl who gives her a clue Even Mercy's talks with an elderly female ghost is about men It also introduces the idea that Stefen might also have an unusual affection for Mercy competing with both Adam and Samuel for her attention Apparently I was wrong to know Mercy is to love her It is also becoming clear that while Mercy may be shuffled to the side by the wolves she will usually be put into a position where she is 'forced' to circumvent them or to go off on her own In this case the crazy vampire was so strong he brought out the wolf in everyone This will become a theme through the seriesThis one does not hold up as well on re read for both personal and critical reasons It was the book that had me considering giving up on the series and if I wasn't such a completist I probably wouldn't even have it on my shelves Two stars and a half stars rounding down for both the info dumping and lukewarm gurrl power messageRe read May 2016

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Blood BoundShe agrees to act as some extra muscle when her vampire friend Stefan goes to deliver a message to another of his kindBut this new vampire is hardly ordinary and neither is the demon inside of him I couldn't resist I wanted to wait and leave time between books in this series but after reading the first book I'm hooked and it's going to be difficult not to binge read these allMy only complaint view spoilerShe BETTER NOT hook up with Samuel and it looked like she was leaning that way I'm team Adam all the way Also I'm not a fan of love triangles in general Okay rant over ; hide spoiler