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Ing the Middle East     Zarawi began by directing hotel bombings and assassinations in Jordan from a base in northern Ira but it was the American invasion of that country in that catapulted him to the Flags The Rise Kindle #211 head of a vast insurgency By identifying him as the link between Saddam and bin Laden the CIA inadvertently created a monster Like minded radicals saw him as a hero resisting the infidel occupiers and rallied to his cause Their wave of brutal beheadings and suicide bombings continued for years until Jordanian intelligence provided the Americans with the crucial intelligence needed to eliminate Zar. If you are a general reader and want to read one book on the origin of ISIS look no further In telling the story through individuals the book contrasts to others like ISIS The State of Terror or Inside Syria The Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect that are thorough and focus on politics and policies Joby Warrick’s approach focusing on the key personnel holds your attention throughout This book is heavy on the founder Abu Musab Zarawi and its beginnings as part of Al aeda where the others focus on the group as “ISIS” filling the power vacuum in SyriaZarawi is shown through the lens of Jordan’s security agency Mukhabarat and Nada Bakos his “targeter” for the US You see him imprisoned for crimes and terrorist activities He is interrogated often by Mukhabarat The chaos in Ira was a perfect opportunity for him but his first operations were directed at Jordan the Embassy in Ira the foiled bombing of Mukhabarat the wedding in Amman and the UN While there were leadership changes you come to understand the significance of the 2015 capture of Jordan’s pilotJordan’s King Abdullah is shown to have great courage and foresight He has kept his country free of training camps and “Arab Springs” He and Mukhabarat not only helped to foil the Millennium Plot you read of how they stopped a large bombing plan for Amman and how they interrogate effectively You also appreciate the work of Gen Stanley McCrystalThere is a lot on ISIS as a Sunni organization showing how its hatred of the Shia euals that of its hatred of the infidel The relationship of this group and al aeda is clearly shown through excerpts of letters from its highest leadershipBesides Zarawi and King Abdullah there are good portraits of Abu Mohammad Madisi Islamic scholar who tutored Zarawi in prison Robert Ford State Dept employee who served for at time as Ambassador to Syria and Abu Bakr al Baghdadi current ISIS leader and others such as Zaydan a tribal leader Warrick doesn’t drop them he follows them through each phase up to the presentThe Epilogue offers some hope It covers the reaction to the torture specifically the burning of the body of the Jordanian pilot Murah al Kasasbeh It outraged even the Wahabi “Burning is an abominable crime rejected by Islamic law”; “Only god punishes by fire” At al Azhar in Cairo the grand imam expelled clerics who advocated violence Egyptian’s president General Abdel Fattah el Sisi was applauded by al Azhar’s clerics when he called for a rethinking of “ideas sanctified over the course of centuries to the point that challenging them becomes very difficult” and called on the grand imam to “revolutionize our religion” pp 311 312 The book begins with a who’s who list but the text is so clear you don’t need it There are photos of most key players The index worked for me but again text is so clear I hardly needed it This book is a real find for a lay person Stripped of the details of treaties conferences and position papers and loaded with human interest you see this organization and how it grew

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Black Flags The Rise of ISISAwi in a airstrike     But his movement endured first called al aeda in Ira then renamed Islamic State of Ira and Syria or ISIS seeking refuge in unstable ungoverned pockets on the Ira Syria border And as the Syrian civil war broke out in ISIS seized its chance to pursue Zarawi's dream of a sweeping ultra conservative Islamic caliphate      Drawing on uniue access to CIA and Jordanian sources Joby Warrick weaves together heart pounding moment by moment operational details with overarching historical perspectives to reveal the long trajectory of today's most dangerous Islamic extremist threat From the Hardcover editi. This book describes the rise of ISIS It is in three seuential parts The first is the background of Abu Musab al Zarawi who was born in Jordan At first he was just a common thug and not religious He was arrested and in prison fell under the spell of Islam and became radicalized He was released as part of a prisoner exchange something that happens with regularity in the Middle EastFrom there he journeyed to Ira – this becomes the second part of the book During the US led invasion of Ira he became the leader of al aeda in Ira Zarawi became a very adept organizer – and carried out violent terrorist activities in both Ira and Jordan you have only to read of the tragic fate of Nick Berg to see how personally sadistic Zarawi could be We also learn much in this book of the intelligence networks of both Jordan and US CIA – and how they tracked down terrorist groups It also appears that the people terrorists they kill in the Middle East the terrorists they createThe focus on intelligence groups and there methodology of information gathering was a fault I found in the book in that we are getting a view from the outside We are not provided with much insight into the recruitment methods of ISIS – except that they are very good at internet advertising It is still a big uestion mark as to how their very violent methods very visible on YouTube but I would never look at this are an allure to young men and some young women the world overThe third part is about Abu Bakr al Baghdadi who eventually attained the helm of ISIS in Ira Syria after the US succeeded in killing Zarawi He is attempting to establish a caliphate a pure Islamic society not only there but across the world He is different from bin Laden who was looking to the future; Baghdadi is putting into place an Islamic caliphate now in his occupied areas Baghdadi is also of a different stripe than Zarawi he is a student of the Koran and uses it to justify the violence acts and extreme misogyny that is occurring across ISIS held territory This is a depressing book particularly when one reads of the vast private donations of money page 268 69 that have poured into Bagdadi’s caliphate from Saudi Arabia Kuwait United Arab Emirates It is evident too that this would never have developed without the US invasion of Ira which took power away from a dictator leaving nothing but a vacuum in which tribal and religious hatreds Sunni Shiite Kurds are now bent on destroying each other with the victors expanding into adjacent territory For the caliphate death and destruction are justified by citing ancient religious texts interpreted by men who want to return to a life of hundreds of years past

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Black Flags The Rise of ISIS review ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Read] ➺ Black Flags The Rise of ISIS ➶ Joby Warrick – Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Joby Warrick reveals how the strain of militant Islam now raising its banner across Ira and Syria spread from a remote Jordanian prison withPulitzer Prize winning reporter Joby Warrick The Rise PDF #8608 reveals how the strain of militant Islam now raising its banner across Ira and Syria spread from a remote Jordanian prison with the unwitting aid of American military intervention     When he succeeded his father in King Abdullah of Jordan released a batch of political prisoners in the hopes of smoothing his transition to power Little did he know that among those Black Flags eBook #10003 released was Abu Musab al Zarawi a man who would go on to become a terrorist mastermind too dangerous even for al aeda and give rise to an Islamist movement bent on dominat. The book is deceiving The origins and the book's dubious agenda are very apparent However some of the information shared by Joby is really useful Unfortunately we cannot trust journalists too much these days Not to be forgotten journalistic instincts were saying Madam President even before the announcement 😷