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A Dance of Sisters review Ü eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ [Download] ➹ A Dance of Sisters ➾ Tracey Porter – Insolpro.co.uk I want to stretch to the moon Delia thought Far far awayTwelve year old Delia Ferri doesn't remember her mother or her family the way it used to be All she knows is that her sister Pearl and her fatCompletely does she begin to understand how fiercely her sister had to fight for her own truth Delia discovers that the bond between two sisters can't be broken no matter where the dance of life takes the. A cute little book It was a find to fulfill one of the categories for my goodreads challenge I am doing for this uarter It was one of the harder categories books about dancingA story of two sisters trying to find their way through the world with just their father due to their mother passing away One of the sisters turns to acting out and ends up at a boarding school where she finds training horses as a way to devote her energy and time The other sister turns to dance but dance has the opportunity to let her down through a horrible and demanding teacherI was a ballet dancer through my growing years For 13 years I devoted a lot of my after school life to ballet and other types of dance I was never destined to be a dancer too short bad feet and the list goes on BUT I had the heart for it and I still like to shake my groove thing every so often I have rhythm grace and confidence but my body just wasn't built for it I believe that this little girl had a hard time realizing that sometimes you may have the heart for something although you will never be able to complete the roadI loved this book It was a YA book so an easy read I would recommend it to all my friends who love the art of dance and would enjoy the journey of a girl trying to discover where she fits in

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R father are fighting and Pearl is withdrawn and angry so Delia vows not to give her father anything else to worry aboutDelia loses herself to the rigorous world of ballet and only when it has consumed her. I really liked this book I even cried at the last part of the book as it is so touching It talks about the life of a teenage girl taking ballet and how much she needs to do to become a ballerina This book have deep meanings in it I absolutely enjoyed reading this book

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A Dance of SistersI want to stretch to the moon Delia thought Far far A Dance PDF awayTwelve year old Delia Ferri doesn't remember her mother or her family the way it used to be All she knows is that her sister Pearl and he. Rating's of a 35I like to think of myself as a dancer I haven't been dancing for a long time but I love the art of it Ballet is hardly my strong suit but I appreciate the grace the beauty the discipline and strength it reuires Since this book was about dancing and sisterhood I knew I'd love itA Dance of Sisters is about Delia Ferri a twelve year old ballet dancer Dance is her everything and her Russian teacher Madame Elanova sings praises about her At home though her family life is strained Ever since her mother who she can't remember's death her elder sister Pearl and her father have been tense Pearl has become obsessed with witchcraft and all sorts of odd things and is constantly getting into trouble As Delia's ballet life starts to crumble her relationship with her family causes her schoolwork to suffer and leaves her constantly feeling lonely and worthless she needs to take a step back and find out what she truly wantsDelia was a likable main character for me She may have come across as selfish or whiny at some points but in some ways I can very much relate to Delia Though I adore everyone in my family my sister and I are not always on the best terms and we uestion each other a lot sorry sis And of course the whole weight problem is present in all girls dancers or not I ached for Delia because as the book continued the energy and love for dance I felt from her slowly disappeared One of the strongest parts of this book is how alive Delia's changes felt at the beginning I can imagine her working hard in class nailing the combinations By the end I felt heavy and sad like I was lugging around Delia's pain as wellThe other characters were secondary to me but they were all alright While there were no supporting characters that completely blew me away not a single one disappointed me either The writing style is relatively simple and I assume A Dance of Sisters is aimed at a semi middle grade audience The writing flows uite well and I read through the book in just over an hour it was a smooth satisfying readEverything seems uite good so far so why only 3 stars and not at least a 4 The plot itself lacked for me Although there was a clear progression and the changes within each character were evident I felt like the story would bring up a conflict and resolve it bring up another conflict and resolve it etc for the most part it didn't feel like there were many different problems at once There is nothing wrong with this I just don't think it would hold the attention of every reader I thought that A Dance of Sisters was a great story and a very pleasant read for me but I'm certain others could feel boredOne thing I will say is that it's disheartening at some points to read this book As Madame criticized the girls I felt myself thinking about my own flaws and although it is powerful that a character can be brought to life so much I think it could be slightly triggering or at least a bit sad for some people to read I know that in the parts where Madame yelled at Cynthia my heart dropped a bit because I understood how that felt Even now I have the urge to run over to the barre and vork even harderAnd further still although I saw the damage it did to her it broke my heart to see Delia uit Although I'm uite certain I'll never uit dance there are other things that I've loved but recognized took up too much of my time energy and were causing me to become stressed and unhappy than they should have It must have been so difficult for Delia to turn her back on something that she was great at just because someone said she wasn't Though she did not uit dance completely she'll never forget ballet The steps were simple but they were difficult for Delia She could not dance on the ground the way Meia Noite did Her feet wanted to rise on half pointe and her knees wanted to straighten Ballet had trained her to pull out of the floor as if she lived in the air instead of on the earth At any rate I thoroughly enjoyed A Dance of Sisters as a nice uick read I most likely won't re read it but I'd happily recommend it to the casual reader particularly if you have an interest in dance A lovely novel but certainly capable of causing a bit of heartache