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free read آخری چٹان 100 » [Reading] ➿ آخری چٹان By Naseem Hijazi – Best Kindle Epub, آخری چٹان author Naseem Hijazi This is very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book. Best Kindle Epub, آخری چٹان author Naseem Hijazi ThisBest Kindle Epub آخری چٹان author Naseem Hijazi This. I read it in seventh grade It was uite overwhelming for my teenage mind Tahir bin Yousaf is the main character in the story He has Arab ancestors His father fought in crusades along with Sultan Salahudin Ayubi and eventually embraces martyrdom while laying siege on an enemy fort Tahir is brought up by his grand father and eventually follows into the footsteps of his father In order to fight for the cause of Islam he leaves his home land and journeys to Ira He reaches it's capital Bagdad and sets up a residence there in the elite location along the river of Dagla As a legacy he has the Sword of the Sultan which was granted to his father for his courage and bravery in the battleTo gain entrance into court and acuire a political position to do some service he has to navigate through cowards assassins conspiracies corrupt courtiers traitors friends and enemies His uest lands him in various battle fields where he fights along with Jalal ud din another Muslim general At one point he even has to fend off Tartars single handedlyHis journey was a very interesting one Naseem Hijazi has a certain way with words and he was an expert on retelling historical accounts The character of Tahir itself was very strong which gives reader a healthy dose of optimism and motivation to never give up till the last of the breath leaves his body Tahir is able to reach the end of his journey which I deem a successful one with the help of a band of devoted and true friends Although they do not get the final victory but the fight they put up was worth each obstacle In the end these Arabs move to India subcontinent where they start preaching Islam There is a brief account if Sultan Ultimish as wellIt's a very well written and addictive book My cousin borrowed it from me on the night before Eid and kept up all night to finish the book He missed the Eid prayers obviously It still hasn't been returned to me I guess till now it would have exchanged many hands because once you start reading it it is difficult to put down

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Is very good and a main topic to read the readers are very am. A must read classical novel for all Urdu speaking people I hope it is translated one day I've never seen history being repeated so clearlyA story of Tahir bin Yusuf who struggles to warn people of Baghdad for the upcoming calamities that Genghis Khan and his tribes will bring

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آخری چٹانAzed and always take inspiration from the contents of the boo. Akhri chatan is a fiction historical novel that describe the decline of abasyd caliphate against mongols else it describe the struggle of jalal uddin to unite muslims and fight against mongolsA must read book