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A Virgin For The Taking Harleuin Presents Read & Download ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß [PDF / Epub] ✅ A Virgin For The Taking Harleuin Presents By Trish Morey – Insolpro.co.uk When Ruby Clemenger inherits half of the Bastiani Pearl Corporation she knows that her life is aboEr off with cash Zane decides to seduce Ruby into submission He A Virgin ePUB #187 has nothing to lose until he discovers Ruby is innocentin every way. Easily the best of the three in this series for me Ruby a jeweler has had a very close friendship with her boss Laurence Bastiani When he dies she's devastated but he makes her promise to look after his estranged son Zane He doesn't want to be looked after by the woman he believes was his father's mistress and he's disgusted by his own desires to take her to bed When his father's will reveals they've both inherited half the company he's even certain she's a gold digging whore But he still wants her much to his disgust They learn to work together but Zane still looks down on her When he discovers exactly how innocent she is he realizes he wants Ruby to stay and be his wife First off some of the premises in this story are sort of ridiculous so that takes some getting used to I bothered me that Zane found it absolutely disgusting that Ruby was his father's mistress a single unattached woman living with a single unattached man I see nothing wrong with it if she had been so Zane's disdain that rhymes felt hypocritical given he had a mistress and a lot like slut shaming He called her a whore for supposedly sleeping with his father But a lot of that was mixed with a kind of ick factor on his part for being so attracted to his father's mistressthat incestuous all in the family sort of stuff And then of course as soon as he figures out she's a virgin he's like Whoa Let's get married now that you're worthy and all that What I absolutely loved and appreciated though was Zane's willingness to apologize when he realized he'd been an ass And he didn't it twice There was an honest to goodness look her in the eye and sincerely apologize for what he'd done moment on two occasions And the second time he hadn't even really done anything wrong maybe some lack of communication I wouldn't call it groveling but its close for such a short book So that's a refreshing bit in this bookNow the whole issue with Zane's parents and his aunt Bonnie was just baffling view spoiler To sum up Zane's mother was infertile and wanted a child so bad she asked her best friend to sleep with her husband to get pregnant with Zaneso his Aunt Bonnie was his birth mother but from his teens on he thought she was his father's mistress and thus felt betrayed hide spoiler

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When Ruby Clemenger inherits For The PDFEPUB #182 half of the Bastiani Pearl Corporation she knows that her life is about to get complicatedZane Basti. The story is of a young woman and jewellery designer who along with the son of a pearl farmer inherits the pearl jewellery business in northwest Australia The son resents the employee's half shareI would like less emphasis on whether a woman is a virgin or not The only reason it was important in the context of this story was because the young woman who must never have ridden a horse a motorbike or done tree or cliff climbing was sufficiently intact that when she has a rather loveless coupling it proves to the hero that she was not the mistress of his father as he had previously thoughtThe location descriptions were reasonable but I would have liked someone with an Aussie accent they still say G'day over there and of the society around these people The story was written in 2011 but they make no plans whatsoever for the world recession affecting their business and jet around the world as though they've never heard of damaging the earth's atmosphere with greenhouse gasesAll in all this was a rather old fashioned look at life from two narrow viewpoints I thought the book was an okay read with some good detail and would try another by this author

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A Virgin For The Taking Harleuin PresentsAni the pearl master's son wants rid of Ruby he thinks she was his father's mistress and can be easily bought But Ruby's price is high Unable to pay h. Got a bit sick of the word Whore He was a nasty person and I cannot understand how she could put up with his attitude